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My love for web design started back around 2000 when my mother bought me a Dreamcast. Yeah, I know it’s strange bringing up a game console when you’re talking about web design but unlike other kids who can recall all the games the player on their console, I didn’t play that many games on mine. Instead, I remember talking my mom into getting a modem connection so I can get on the web. Shortly, after that I ran into a website called which at the time was still ran by it’s creator Joe Burns(i don’t think he’s running it anymore but it’s still updated) which led me to getting a free AngelFire web hosting account(remember them) and building my 1st web page on a DreamCast. I thought the world of my little page than I took things further after I moved on from a Dreamcast to an actual computer and created, my 1st major website. The table layout with little gifs running everywhere was horrid but I maintained that site for years all the way up to college when my funds ran dry(ramen noodle diet anyone?) and was forced to take down the site for good. I got my Associates in Electronics but after only 4yrs of it, I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. I turned back to web deign again but this time I took it more seriously and got my bachelor’s web development. It’s one of the greatest achievements in my life and now we’re here!

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