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  Accel World is another action packed anime about teens playing a game that effects their real lives just as much as their virtual ones.


     I do love these kind of animes. I’m a huge fan of the .Hack series even though I haven’t seen them all so I can’t help but relate every anime I’ve seen with  this kind of story line to .Hack.


However, let’s talk specifically about this one a little. This is not meant to be some professionally written review so if that’s what you want, you may want to look elsewhere.


    Accel World is a 24 episode series that revolves around a little pudgy guy named, Arita Haruyuki and his friends (Chiyu, Taku, and Princess Black Snow). Together they take on challenges both in real life and in the virtual world created by a program known as Brain Burst. In the world of Brain Burst, you can do everything from fighting to living causally,digitally for a few hours or more.


     I’ll start by saying, this anime seemed a little too slow at times due to the same old trends seen in many other series, dragged out dialogue and forced dramatics that didn’t make much sense. I mean, you should simply not be allowed to say “Believe in you” so many damn times. It was quite annoying along with all the crying. All that aside, I don’t have really anything else bad to say about it. I loved the different characters, especially Crikin. He’s only in 1 episode but after seeing his powers I now call him Voltron. lol

Picture of Crikin from the anime Accel World


   The characters are not the only beautiful things in the series either. In Brain Burst, the world changes constantly and these stages are well drawn. The story tied these stages into each battle and event nicely so you can easily see their advantages and disadvantages. I must admit the world is not as futuristic to me as Pyscho-Pass but it’s definitely more fun.


Arita in pig form

The fighting wasn’t jaw-dropping but it was definitely good when they weren’t standing around pouring out their feelings for half an episode.  No one seemed terribly overpowered but at the same time the more experienced player’s skills were balanced so their strength can show without being God like. The anime also had a good amount of comedy, especially when you see  Arita is his game avatar of a little piggy given it nots too far from how he looks in real life. 😆



     Overall, I enjoyed this series and its seems like they intend to continue on since they were a lot of questions unanswered and the main goal was not reached either. With that being said, I’m really looking forward to the next one, if they actually release it (ya know, anime releases are a finicky thing). If you’re into anime series that have a ton of action and drama with a little comedy and a hint of romance than this series would definitely be great watch over the Holiday weekend! Thanks for reading and have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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