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Black Friday is just a few days away and with that, my email has been BLOWING UP with deals from all my favorite stores. I definitely won’t be taking advantage of most of it, so why not share it! Below you’ll find all the latest email campaigns I’ve received so far from companies such as NewEgg, Frys, Ashley Stewart, Directron, and more!

Update: Cyber Monday Deals are now being added! Check the update list at the bottom of the article to see what’s new!
Update: It is now 12/26/14. All deals on this page are pretty much OVER! Thanks for everyone who read this article and I hope you found some good deals. Be back next year!! 🙂

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014 Deals

Now before we get into these, if you’re an Amazon fan then please check your Amazon FREQUENTLY every day this week cause they’ll be putting up deals that are very time limited. You don’t wanna miss out! I personally like to use Amazon for the Blu-Ray deals on Black Friday.

Tech & Gaming

Frys has been a favorite tech store of mine for many years and I stop in every other month or so cause I surely can’t afford to go in often. It’s not that they’re expensive but that I’m a tech junkie. 😛 Cyber Monday deals are here!

Directron is literally minutes away from me, so of course if I need my tech fast, they’re the 1st people I consider. They don’t have much in terms of water cooling but they have a huge inventory of everything from cases to motherboards to cool toys.

WP Tavern is a trusted source for all things WordPress, hence the name WP Tavern. However they are also a trusted source for Web Design and Development information in general. This week, they’ve thrown us designers and developers a bone by sharing the Black Friday Deals articles from WPLift and WPMayor. If you’re a designer like me, it’s definitely worth a look!

Marvel Heroes is my free MMO game of choice right now. It’s a game where you can play as several of the Marvel characters from the comic books using all their abilities. If you play this game or if you even you just want to try it, the time is now. Check the Black Friday deal below.

Micro Center is another fav tech store of mine that just recently moved to way more accessible location. The new location is bigger and with a larger inventory and more room for those horrid Cyber Monday lines. I love their deals on monitors and TVs which my current one came from them as well.

Performance-PCs is one of the top suppliers of water cooling parts and accessories for your PC. They also sale everything else you need to build your next power house PC as well! I just started using them last year and found their selection of components to be great! If you’re a little more than your average PC builder than I highly encourage you give their site a look and use their Cyber Monday offers when you check out!

OnLive is a cloud gaming service which allows you to play your games wherever, whenever. Play your games on your PC than jump to TV than jump to your phone and never miss a thing. I honestly have never used their service but if you do, they are having a killer sale on almost all their Cloudlift games.

NewEgg has been my go to place for everything but watercooling parts when it comes shopping online for my PC. They have been expanding their inventory however to cover way more than just computer parts now. I don’t care if you’re looking for appliances, a new watch, or top of the line video card NewEgg has you covered. Use the link to check out their Cyber Monday deals!

AMD has been my go to company for video cards for almost 10 years. They are also the king of price to performance when it comes to CPUs despite their constant struggle to keep up with Intel in the enthusiasts market. However, in my opinion I believe AMD’s goal in enthusiast is different then Intel’s. All that aside, they’ve placed all their Cyber Monday offers from different stores in one place for your convenience. Check’em out!

Corsair has been innovative with their PC Cases and components for years and now their selling some of the innovation for dirt cheap. Check out their Black Fridays deals that cover a good range of their products from cases to headphones to keyboards!

Conn’s is known for their appliances and great repair service. However, they also offer everything needed to deck out a home with more than just the basic needs from furniture to computers. They’re Cyber Monday sale will help you do just that. They even offer a credit service if you prefer to make payments instead.


Serif makes great software. I don’t use much of what they have but I used their video editing software MoviePlus for a long time before finally switching over to Adobe Premiere for more flexibility. Adobe is amazing but its also amazingly expensive. Serif and other smaller software companies like them have great alternatives for your digital editing needs. They have award winning software for photo editing, video editing, arts and crafts, and even illustrator software. Before you drop hundreds of dollars on Adobe check out their Black Friday sale.

Elegant Themes is one of the leading WordPress Theme site with their latest and greatest theme “Divi”, taking the internet by storm. A theme that so happens to be used by this site as well. Their themes are professional, SEO friendly, and can boost your presence online with little customization needed on your part. Check out their Black Friday deals to gain access to their huge inventory of cutting-edge WordPress themes.

Clothing & Apparel

My girlfriend loves Ashley Stewart for their great selection of plus-size clothing. The only problem with them is their clothes go FAST whenever they have a sale so get your Cyber Monday order in now before your favorite styles are gone.

MAC Cosmetics a.k.a Make-Up Art Cosmetics has been delivering premium make-up products for a very long time like almost as long as I’ve been on this Earth. It goes without saying that if you’re looking for the best eye-liner, moisturizers, and other make-up products you should definitely give them a look. They’re also pretty expensive for us mid-class people so you should take advantage of this Cyber Monday deal! 😆

SWAK a.k.a Seal with a Kiss is great online store for plus size clothes. If you’re a big girl than there’s no need to be running in old grandma clothes or City Trends threads. Step ya fashion game up with SWAK and their Black Friday deals!

Hotel & Getaways

I vacationed at Lakeway Resorts some time ago and enjoyed every minute of it. The view over the lake is amazing, the service was great, and the pool bar is the icing on the cake! The only problem I had here was the occasional mosquito at the window of the room. They have a decent Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal on rooms, so treat yourself to a little R&R here if you’re in Texas Area and don’t mind the drive to Austin.

Medical sales over the counter medicine, feminine needs, or even fitness dietary supplements all at good prices. If you need deals on things used for you or your family’s personal care than stop by them 1st before hunting through the store. It’s easy to order from them once or twice and keep yourself stocked up instead of rushing to the store. They even got some cyber deals to help you out!

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