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Bloodivores is a new vampire style anime this Fall 2016 season and unlike a lot of the anime this season, it looks pretty interesting. The story is a company came up with a simple drug to help those with insomnia but it had a terrible side effect which turned those who used it into vampires a.k.a Bloodivores a.k.a daywalkers since there’s no burning from the Sun but there is a need for blood, excessive strength and not to mention, them fangs! From there we get a very Resident Evil kind of story for most of the first bloodivores and the remaining ended up like our protagonist Mi Liu and his friends. Tagged like dogs to watch their every move and killed if they “go out of control” a.k.a bite dat neck. 😈Bloodivores anime title graphic showing the four main characters eyes Mi Liu, Chen Fong, Win Chao, and Anji

Check the video below for my full thoughts but as for what I didn’t say in the video:

The whole vampire theme makes me think of Owari no Seraph a.k.a Seraph of the End but this anime is definitely not that. Not to say it’s better or worse, just the story is a little different. In that anime, the Vampires ruled the land and made humans their slaves. In this anime it’s a complete 180. In other words, this anime doesn’t take how people normally see vampires and twist it like Owari no Seraph did but instead builds on top of it. Not amazing but if it’s done well can be quite nice. That’s a big IF!

Love the theme song! It’s Neten by Mili  and it starts things off right every episode even if the show will be mostly talking with a little action as of the last couple of episodes. On that note, I’m also love the ending Quiet Squal by Seraph. I don’t really have much opinions about the music as of yet cause none of it has stood out to me. We’ll see if that changed by the end when I give my review on the series. 

The collars prisoners receive when they’re placed into Aori are rigged to explode but the way they work is kinda confusing. It starts counting down when Bloodivores try to kill each other then explodes taking their heads off but on the flip side if all they do is fight and win the counter goes up. I’m not sure if I got that down correctly just yet.

Win Chao is already looking like an annoying ass idiot to me and whose fault do you think all this is? Like you didn’t single handedly fuck everybody over by trying to shoot a kid!? Really!?

There’s so much talking already. Mi Liu is literally talking poor Anji to death at the end of episode 6. 😆 I really hope this doesn’t become an anime with mostly talking and a little action here and there after such a a nice start.

Extra Info as provided by

  • Episodes: 12
  • Studios: Creators In Pack, Namu Animation
  • Genres: Action, Supernatural, Vampire

Bloodivores First Impressions Eps 1 – 6


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