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Got a new vid for you guys where we unbox the Blu Life One X! My mobile experience with Verizon has officially stretched my finances to its limits with the new plans they implemented over a year ago and with me currently living on a budget of sorts, I had to make some cutbacks. The funny part is I’m not really cutting back on my mobile usage, just changing my carrier so I can do what I always do on my phone without a high monthly bill. With that being said, I chose to go back to T-Mobile but I didn’t want to fork over $400 to finance a phone and start a new plan nor pay $600-$700 to buy a phone straight out due to my crappy credit. (Side note: T-Mobile charges $0 to sign up for new users with acceptable credit.) With all the being said. I picked up the Life One X by Blu for under $300 brand new from Amazon and that’s not a discount or special offer. Blu is known for making phones with great price to performance and the styling of their phones is getting better and better! Check out the unboxing below and I’ll be back in a week or so with my full review of the Blu Life One X.

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