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Something really needs to be said about these anime with names that don’t particularly clue you in as to what it’s about. If you would’ve told me to check out an anime called Buddy Complex, I would be thinking its some comedy anime with some fan service in there to spice things up and that would be cool. I would not be expecting a 13 episode action packed, Mecha series with some decent (and some boring) stories to boot.

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Well, as we usually do, 1st the story. Buddy Complex starts when our main protagonist, Aoba Watase has his regular day ruined by a huge robot that appears out of nowhere to kill him. Then to make the things even more confusing his classmate, Hina saves him using a robot of her own! Ya know, cause we’re just storing the things in our garage now. No big deal right!? However, in true anime fashion, she couldn’t truly save him from his fate without some crazy stipulation being thrown into the mix. Like a big ass time portal opens up and in order to save Aoba, Hina has to send him through the portal. The rest of the series is now based on Aoba trying to find his bearings 70yrs in the future with some new friends along his side. Oh and he now has a robot of his very own which at this point we learn are called Valiancers.


I didn’t find anything that really stood out about the art for this anime. It’s quite good as many others but not amazing. I prefer anime that either displays the story using crazy different art styles or has amazing environments to immerse me into the story. This particular anime just fell short of that for me with both its environment and character artwork even though the transformation of the Valiancers when they “coupled” was neat.


The different environments of Buddy Complex are not exactly mind blowing to me. I mean, even though the bulk of the anime was spent over water there were various other environments. The future was not exactly the typical post-apocalyptic scenery that I’m used to seeing whenever an anime revolves around the future world being engulfed in war but instead I found the world to be more realistic. Life wasn’t blown to hell with nukes or anything. Time simply moved forward. Neighborhoods changed, houses were sold or flatten, and schools not used anymore. These are things that you expect to see when someone tells you you’ve been shot 70yrs into the future and I like that but with that being said, the different environments were kinda dull except for at the very end with the mountains and ships in the air (semi-spoiler).


The action was definitely there and almost every episode had some kind of fighting in it whether it be a gun battle in the base or a Valiancer fight in the air. The Valiancer battles were the only thing that made the character Bizon bearable as I found him and his story with Fiona to be boring and typical for the most part. The Valiancer battles were awesome and pretty much the only actual fighting (besides Aoba and Dio’s constant arguing of course) in the anime. Nergal, Commander Gallant’s valiancer was my fav on looks. Just 2nd to Luxon Next.


I wouldn’t exactly call this anime memorable but its a great short blast of a typical mecha anime with both good and bad character stories. I could easily see this anime being dragged out a long ways with all kinds of useless fillers but thankfully the creators saw fit to not torture us and give it to us short and sweet. The fact that’s there’s no fillers which made the anime very quick and to the point is it’s true saving grace. I recommend this anime to anyone who just needs something to fill the void when waiting for the next episode of your fav weekly anime to come out. However, let us not forget that they did leave room for another season but in the world of anime we know not to trust it will ever see light until it does.

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