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We had a few bugs to kill again this week. Not to bad really but I’ve made a few minor changes. Onward with the bug stomping!

IE Problems

I noticed my header was not sliding in IE and it left me scratching my head as to why. A little research and I found that adding a display:inline-block fixed the issue but it’s not a complete fix cause the animation is very stuttery which will take more time resolve. Damn you, IE! The usual pain in the butt.


Mobile Issues

The global menu in the footer would not scale correctly in landscape mode on many mobile devices. This was because of an error in judgement were I set the footer menu to go into a mobile-friendly layout AFTER the rest of the site already did so, what happened is at 900px the site goes into mobile-friendly mode (cause 800×600 is not seen as desktop resolution anymore for some reason 😕 ) but the footer menu would not go into that mode till 600px. Apparently, I thought was being clever. Not really.

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