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Comcast is rolling out it’s new Multi-Gig service in select states strictly for residential use for now. The fiber connection will deliver 2Gbps speeds which is pretty damn nice and more than what Google Fiber currently pushes out. However, there’s a catch and an expected one when it comes to Comcast.

Screenshot of Comcast pricing for their new Multi Gig service which states $299.95 per month

The service cost $299.95/mo and remember Comcast says this is for residential use folks but that price is clearly enterprise level. Not to mention that does not include up to $1000 for custom install and activation which could take up to 6 to 8 weeks. 😯 Google Fiber may not be as fast but it’s less than half the cost for installation and activation and if you choose the Basic Internet package, Google gives you internet for $0/mo and a $300 setup fee.


Screenshot from Comcast website of a map showing were their new Multi Gig service will be available


In other words, this service is only for customers with deep pockets. I don’t know why Comcast doesn’t take the Google Fiber route and start building the infrastructure up on their own dime and push out the faster service for no cost with contract slowly like Google is doing now. The new service would definitely be a lot more appealing but then it would also be cheaper for consumers which Comcast is definitely not known to be. I for one, will simply wait on Google Fiber cause this just another scheme for Comcast to make you pay for something it has more than enough money to do on it’s own.


Source: Technobuffalo

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