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This evening, I received yet another email of what has to be several received so far, that more of my anime content is being removed from Google due to copyright infringement. Many of my Previously In Anime or This Week In Anime videos shot over a year ago if not longer contained extended clips of more then 5sec of the anime episode I was reviewing which sends companies like Funimation into a rage. The sad part about this is these videos were never really popular but took a long time to make. The reward for my effort is almost losing my Youtube channel and now my website has been attacked repeatedly to the point where I’m worried, I might lose this too. This is pretty much what popular reviewers like Glass Reflection has spoken of in the past and indeed it does kill one’s drive to do anything.

As a result, I’ve placed ALL of the Previously In Anime and This Week In Anime posts on this site on private (a few were legit reviews which are still up), essentially pulling them from the site. I’ll go back to typing up anime reviews and what not and completely re-thinking (AGAIN) how I will share my love anime with you guys. For now, I’m just tired of this crap. Look out for more posts this year about all kinds of stuff. I’ll see you VERY shortly.

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