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It appears that if you use the theme “Divi” from Elegant Themes like me and you have a Static Front page like I do than WordPress 4.4.1 gave you a nice “surprise” when it broke your pagination which had your /page/2,3, etc. redirecting to the home page. After hours of running around with this and even diving into the module code for the Divi PageBuilder, I finally realized that the problem wasn’t the theme at all.

Pagination Fix

I’ll say ahead of time, that I’m not using the latest Divi (I’m using version due to severe financial issues on my end but even if you’re on the latest you’re gonna wanna read this.

WordPress 4.4.1 has a bug that screws the pagination and it’s currently being worked on by people far brighter than me on Most importantly a fix has been found that works for MOST not all WordPress users but definitely for us Divi users. Check the link here to fly to the 16th entry on the page I linked earlier for the fix that needs to be done to wp-includes/canonical.php lines 264-270. I felt I needed to share this since this literally sucked a few hours of my time today.

If you have plug-ins that need working pagination like the WP Infinite Scrolling plug-in I use to allow users to just keep scrolling for content without clicking from page to page then you need to implement this fix as those plug-ins will simply not work until WordPress 4.4.2 is released.

I just felt I needed to share this after I just went through all this crap. Good Luck! Have a good one!

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