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Fate Stay Night is the continuation of Fate Zero and I have some mixed feelings about it. 


The series continues on 10yrs after the Last Holy Grail war ended and burns a whole town to nothing, killing everyone except one boy, which one of the 2 last servants in the last war saved. Emiya Shirou is the main protagonist of this series as his adopted father was of the last.


Screenshot when Emiya and Saber frist meet in Fate Stay NightFate Stay Night was quite different than Fate Zero and a part of me was ok with that but the other side simply wasn’t. As far as characters are concerned, the series indeed connected with its predecessor in the fact that more than a few of them are their older selves from the last series but that’s pretty much where it stops.



Beserker and his master IllyaThe reason I say that is because, the writers changed some of the stories of the characters and there’s one character whose story they pretty much threw away. Due to these changes the series was a lot less dark and seemed like it was now something more for children than adults. It’s a real shame really, I did find some the stories in Fate Zero tough to watch cause of how gross or twisted they were but I liked the series as whole and I actually was ready for more of that in this.


All the servants are now different besides Saber whose back again to try and rewrite history for her kingdom. I did enjoy the fights with the new servants but what I did not enjoy was the vague and very short glimpse into their pasts which literally told you nothing about them. The only servant and master stories you really got the details on was Emiya’s and Saber’s. Everyone else pretty much got the shaft.


Screenshot of Emiya after using his magic to create a weapon to protect SaberThe lack of details into most of the characters was very disappointing because it was one of the main reasons I liked Fate Zero so much but at last, as I’ve said in my review of that Fate Zero, It’s rare to see a series that goes to such extent to leave you with no questions about so many characters. These 2 series is exactly what I’m talking about.


About Emiya, this dude was kinda hard to watch till his magic developed more pass the half way mark of the series. Up till that point, he’s like an annoying child that Saber had to constantly put herself in bad positions to rescue because this fool always wants to be the hero even though he doesn’t have the power to do so. I could understand letting this silly cliché part of him ride for a few episodes but after damn near 10+ episodes of watching this foolishness, it was tapping on some nerves.


Sakura from Fate Stay NightThat action is solid and the side characters are funny but turning Sakura, who was being trained to participate in the tournament at the end of the last series  (the story thrown away), into a side character with literally no explanation as to what the hell happened is taking the changes too damn far.  She does have a leading role in 2 episodes but that’s about it. WTF!?


I’m not gonna ramble on too much longer and start telling you the story cause it’s worth a look. Not a long one if you’ve seen Fate Zero but if you have some time to waste then go ahead. I do feel the series ended the way it should and I have no problems with that but it doesn’t make up for the fact that this series as whole was a bit of a letdown. 🙁



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