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No to be confused with Fate Stay Night which comes after this anime, Fate Zero is about a tournament between Heroic Spirits and their masters for the almighty Holy Grail. 

I think I have to say that for someone who actually watched a good bit of Fate Stay Night before seeing Fate Zero, I was kind of surprised at how dark it was. I mean this is some sad crap but it has more than few humorous points scattered throughout especially when it came to Rider and his servant.


Rider and his master Waver Velevet Let’s talk about the (servants and masters) for a sec. This whole series is based around a secret tournament held once every 60yrs between heroic spirits with their respective masters who are determined by the Grail itself. These “masters” are just regular people with unique pasts and skills to match such as mages, hunters, and even sick serial killers.



Bouncing in and out these people’s lives every episode allows you to get a good grasp on everyone’s story and even answers a lot of questions about the anime Fate Stay Night. For those who read my last review on Shingeki No Kyojin, know I’m quite annoyed with anime that leaves me with more questions than answers. No problem here! I’m actually kind of surprised they pulled that off with so many characters.


Of course that also means, there’s a whole lot of talking as well. Even though I don’t like that, you can’t have everything. An anime, that gives so much information about so many characters at once, has got to have a lot of talking as well. Let’s get back to it, these stories as fun and as gross as they are make for quite the anime.


Caster's Noble phantasm from Fate ZeroSpeaking of fun and gross, there were a couple stories that were a little much. The story line of Beserker, Caster, and their masters may push your gross and or sick limits. It is when dark stories like these are so well animated and displayed on the screen is when cartoons and anime are clearly separated.


It’s hard to simply look at this series the way I look at Bugs Bunny, Pinky and the Brain, and Foghorn Leghorn. When you see anime like this, you understand why there’s clear difference in anime and cartoons. The realism and emotions you feel from these 2 worlds of animation are completely different.



Gilgamesh from Fate ZeroGetting off the soap box, the action is fast and the fights will keep you coming back for more but usually after every good fight, there’s an episode or of talking. I loved the way the characters’ finishing moves or Noble Phantasms were done so they each had their own flare but no one was really that better than the others if you don’t count King of Bablyon’s.  Rider’s Phantasm is my favorite!



All in all, this anime was the right length, covered most of the bases for me, and is sad as heck (in case you forgot).  It could’ve been a little faster but once again, in order to explain everything I’m willing to let this slide. If you don’t mind 40% action, 55% drama with 5% comedy, than Fate Zero is right up your alley!



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