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This evening, I received yet another email of what has to be several received so far, that more of my anime content is being removed from Google due to copyright infringement. Many of my Previously In Anime or This Week In Anime videos shot over a year ago if not longer contained extended clips of more then 5sec of the anime episode I was reviewing which sends companies like Funimation into a rage. The sad part about this is these videos were never really popular but took a long time to make. The reward for my effort is almost losing my Youtube channel and now my website has been attacked repeatedly to the point where I'm worried, I might lose this too. This is pretty much what popular reviewers like Glass Reflection has spoken of in the past and indeed it does kill one's drive to do anything.

As a result, I've placed ALL of the Previously In Anime and This Week In Anime posts on this site on private (a few were legit reviews which are still up), essentially pulling them from the site. I'll go back to typing up anime reviews and what not and completely re-thinking (AGAIN) how I will share my love anime with you guys. For now, I'm just tired of this crap. Look out for more posts this year about all kinds of stuff. I'll see you VERY shortly.

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Grand Blue – The Troll Anime I Love Sat, 06 Oct 2018 22:17:31 +0000 Grand Blue - The Troll Anime I Love

Grand Blue was an anime that literally for the first several episodes the only question in my head was "Are they gonna dive now?". I was quite frustrated with this anime until I realized that no matter whether they actually got in the water or not I would keep coming back for the laughs. 

The moment I realized that Grand Blue was really more about adult humor then diving is when I truly started to enjoy the anime. It's not meant to be taken seriously but indeed had a few episodes that were heavily focused on sharing knowledge on the world diving. 


The story in of itself was not really that deep and there was more to be desired in terms of the support cast backstories. Hell, everyone's backstory really. Grand Blue never really dove too far into details on anyone and instead hits you with comedy based around each new character almost as soon they're introduced. Cue the "Read the manga!" weirdos. :lol:


Yeah, sure, I could read the manga if I wanted but honestly, I like the anime as it is. It's great humor (for an adult), the art and animation are good, and that intro by Shonan No Kaze can be addictive as well. If you're actually searching for an anime about diving and the deep blue sea this isn't really it. If you're searching for a good adult/toilet humor anime that happens to talk about diving every now and again then please enjoy Grand Blue!

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OverLord III so far… Great Anime but a little disappointing Sun, 05 Aug 2018 05:11:00 +0000 Overlord III cover image for the anime

Overlord III cover image for the anime

Getting back into posting on here. I got a lot of short thoughts on some of the anime I've been watching this past summer. Overlord III is one of them. The thing is a really liked the story in season 1 and then in season 2 it was great to get a closer look at his subordinates and their stories.  Now we're onto season 3 and I'm starting to get a little disappointed.

The thing is Overlord is an anime about a man who's stuck in a video game as his OP character due to some weird unexplained glitch on the day the game server was supposed to be shutdown. Where Overlord separates itself from the rest of the "stuck in a video game" genre is the main protagonist has yet to make any real effort to get out. After watching a few episodes of Overlord III, it's almost as if he's accepted he's gonna be stuck  in this world forever and his band of OP monsters is his new family. His origin, what actually happened to cause him to be stuck in this game seem to be a mute point.

This is where my disappointment comes in. I like this genre of anime cause I not only find it interesting how the person who's stuck deals with the video game world but also how they get out. I really hope this doesn't turn into an anime like Detective Conan where we are waiting forever for the end of the journey. However, it seems for now our main protagonist is fine being the great Ainz Ooal Gown, Lord of Great Tomb of Nazarick. 

With that being said, don't let this discourage you from checking out this anime if you haven't seen it yet. It's definitely worth a look despite my wining. :)

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Youjo Senki Episode 1 Noob Thoughts Fri, 13 Jan 2017 04:53:49 +0000 Screenshot of the opening graphic for the anime Youjo Senki - The Saga of Tanya the Evil

Screenshot of Tanya flying at you with a crazed look as she's about to decapitate her enemy in the anime Youjo Senki

Youjo Senki is a new military anime of bloody war and magic with a devilish child as it's main character, Second Lieutenant Tanya Degurechaff. In the first minute we're giving a scene of the harsh reality of war with guns, artillery, and tanks then all of a sudden a soldier drops out of the sky casting spells to save her comrade's life. In this world, the armies are fighting for land and power but they're not just using traditional military weapons. They also have squads of mages equipped with powerful magic and flight gear. However, Tanya seems to be a few levels above the pack. She has a large amount of magic power to use even at her young age and she's incredibly skilled at destroying the enemy. If she can't use magic to kill you, she'll get rid of you another way as she proved by politely sending 2 defiant soldiers to their doom.

I just finished doing a review of an anime that also mixed magic with a dreadful world, Zetsuen No Tempest. However, that kinda seems childlike compared to this. By the end of this first episode, I was fully convinced that this story is more serious and interesting than Zetsuen No Tempest. I would seriously recommend keeping it on your radar this season.

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Previously In Anime – Zetsuen No Tempest Review Thu, 12 Jan 2017 07:00:04 +0000 Screenshot from Zetsuen No Tempest episode 2 showing part of Mahiro's face focused on his right eye with a serious look. on his face

Cover art for Zetsuen No Tempest showing the four main characters of the anime Mahiro, Yashiro, Aika, and Hazake looking up at you

Zetsuen No Tempest video review is at the bottom of the page! Check it out. Now as for the things I didn't say in the video...

In Zetsuen No Tempest our 2 main protagonist Yashiro and Mahiro have both lost someone precious to them, Fuwa Aika. To Mahiro she was his dear sister and to Yashiro, she was his girlfriend whom he adored very much. She was mysteriously murdered and the killer left no trace. However, that’s where the straight line ends for this anime and all the twists begin. Mahiro didn’t know that Aika had a boyfriend and much less that it was his best friend, Yashiro. Yashiro didn’t know that Mahiro made a deal with the princess of the Kusaribe clan, Kusaribe Hazake, in order to find Aika's killer.  This deal also means he is now taking up her fight against her brother and the Tree of Exodus.

The problem with that is the clan’s princess is currently stranded on an island cause of a disagreement with her brother, Samon about the Tree of Genesis which the clan is sworn to protect. Samon believes the Tree of Genesis is actually evil and it’s the tree of Exodus that will save the world. In short, its because of him that the tree of Exodus is currently being awakened ahead of time to destroy the tree of Genesis before it awakens. Due to the awakening of the Tree of Exodus thousands of people are being turned to metal due to “black iron syndrome” which with Mahiro’s help the princess is trying to stop even though she’s stuck on an island with no way off.

So now we have a few questions that need to be answered. Who is Fuwa Aika’s killer and which tree is actually meant to destroy the world? Is Samon right or is Princess Hazake? Zetsuen No Tempest, The Civilization Blaster reveals the answers to us through a series of plot twist, tons of “logical” talk, and lots of Shakespeare references.  

I said in the video below that I don't like all the talking about how people should be. What I mean by that is don’t push people to anger and sadness cause you believe that’s the way they should handle their problems. Them handling the negative things in their life by holding it in and pushing forward is not terrible. That's just the way they feel they need to be right now till they get through their situation. If you’re going to push them to tears and to let out all their emotions, do so cause you have a sure fire way of ridding them of their problems so they can move on with their life. Not just because you think they’ll feel better afterwards even though their problem still exist. What kind of crap? Hazake literally pushed Yashiro to tears and great sadness because she believed “that’s how humans should be”. Allow me to rephrase that as “because I think this is how you should react to this current situation”. It's selfish and terrible to push your beliefs on others cause you think your way of life is better. I'm sure the creators of the anime intended for this message to be positive but I simply don't see it that way at all.


Anime Info provided by

Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 5, 2012 to Mar 29, 2013
Genres: Action, Mystery, Psychological, Drama, Magic, Fantasy, Shounen


Zetsuen No Tempest Review

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Corsair Carbide 200R Build and Overview Sun, 25 Dec 2016 20:33:37 +0000 Picture of all the parts that went into my Corsair Carbide 200R server build in December 2016 sitting on my white workbench

A picture of the inside of my server which is built in the Corsair Carbide 200R

Happy Holidays! We end the year with a nice little PC build in the Corsair Carbide 200R. I was in need of a server for the new year and I didn't need it to do a lot right from the start. I put together a build that's very affordable for most and can be used as a starting point for almost any kind of PC setup you want. Now as for the things I didn't say in the video below, this server is going to be pulling down,converting then sending up datafeeds from all over the world. This is being done for a site I just redesigned and will be launching next year.

Here's all the benchmarks I ran on this system and the parts list. Maybe in a later video, I'll throw Steam on and see what kind of FPS I get in some games. Let me know down the in the comments if that is something you would like to see. :-)


  • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-170-HD3 [link]
  • CPU: Intel Pentium G4400 [link]
  • Memory: Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB DDR4 2400 [link]
  • Case: Corsair Carbide 200R [link]
  • Power Supply: Corsair CX600 600W [link]
  • SSD: Crucial 275GB MX300 M.2 [link]
  • HDD: Toshiba 1TB 7200RPM x2 [link]



Screenshot of 3DMark Cloud Gate benchmark results on the server

Screenshot of the 3DMark SkyDive benchmark results from the server

Ungine Heaven

Screenshot of Unigine Heaven benchmark result


Screenshot of Cinebench benchmark results


Like I said, in the video, this is kinda like a bare bones build that can only get better. An updated CPU and GPU will make a world of a difference to all the benchmarks here. It will also make this system fully ready for video editing, 3d rendering, heavy office work and more. You can also update it slowly and still get a lot more performance such as ditching one of the 1TB hard drives and throwing in a GPU so you can do some 1080p gaming. You will experience bottlenecks due to the cheap cpu depending on what card you throw in. I will definitely be upgrading this little server later on.

Corsair Carbide 200R Build and Overview

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Top Budget Tech Items That I’ve Reviewed For 2016 Tue, 13 Dec 2016 06:50:23 +0000 feature image of the article for cheap tech gifts of 2016

First and foremost, this is in no particular order. With that said, let’s go over the top budget tech items that I’ve actually reviewed this past year and some that I reviewed a little more than a year ago cause I still don’t get enough tech to make enough tech videos to really make videos like this with just one year of content. Nonetheless, I will try.


Picture of the LG V10 phone in my hand

LG V10 - This is still my current phone and as some of you know, is currently my primary camera for YouTube. To the guy who commented on my V10 marshmallow update video about bluetooth problems, at the time my V10 did not have that issue but now the replacement does indeed have poor bluetooth connection that cuts out for second often as I’m playing music. Incredibly annoying! When the V10 first came out it was budget tech only in comparison to the other top phones seeing as it was still about $600 but now that the V20 is out, the prices have tumbled for the V10 all the way down to around $300. Perfect!



Picture of the RedAnt G2 earbuds hanging over it's product box that has a cartoonish picture of a red ant on it as the company branding

Starting off the headphones I just recently reviewed is the Red Ant G2s which are great for everyone except for heavy bass lovers. If you like a little bass that’s not overpowering or punchy, you got a set of earbuds that will give you that kind of bass no problem. If you like a more flat or neutral sound, they give you a pair earbuds that will give you that as well all in the same box. Just disconnect one pair and attach the other, you’re good to go. As I said in my review of this I'm definitely more a fan of the flat earbuds than the bass.


Picture of the ActionPie V1s earbuds layed out on top of it white product box

The ActionPie VJJS-V1S bassy earbuds. These earbuds look great, are built great, and sound great if you love bass. The main value to me is the nice assortment of ear tips to suit a wide range of ears. It’s highly unlikely you can find a pair of ear tips right out the box that are comfortable for you. Not to mention the foam tips which are not as comfortable for long periods of listening but provide a great seal in your ear for the most bass.


1 headphone I didn’t really review this year but I showed in my Wish app review was the LG HBS 900s or LG Tone Infinims whatever you wanna call it. Mines unfortunately have a short somewhere in the cable which happened a little after I filmed that video, so I don’t use them but when they were working with no issues, they were my go to headphones everyday for the great wireless sound. I can definitely recommend them but I don’t see them on Wish anymore at least before filming this video so I put an amazon link down below. This is exactly what I meant in my Wish review video about premium or name brand items not hanging around for long.


.IBESTWIN LG V10 batteries both the 6000 and 3000mah. These extra batteries have saved me on many days and continue to do so. I don’t use the 6000mAh battery often cause I’m not a fan of the bulk but I’ve had no problems with either of these batteries with my V10. They do sell batteries for other phones despite the removeable battery quickly dying off slowly so check them out.


Portable batteries

The kmashi mp836 battery in my hands

An old one that I got last year, the Kmashi K-MP836 15,000mAh battery still works and is going strong. I don’t use my portable batteries as much now cause of the extra batteries I have for my V10 like the IBESTWIN. None the less, I’m gonna be looking at more portable batteries in the new year and I would like for all of them to have quick charge technology if possible but the ones people wanna send me for review usually don’t have that so we’ll see.


The EPB 8000mAh battery would finish off this list. This is my girls fav simply cause of the look and it charges her iPhone 6S Plus at a decent speed. This battery takes a little longer to charge than I would like for it's size (i feel my kmashi charges faster somewhow) but it's still a great pick for an affordable power bank that can charge a wide range of your tech at a decent speed.



This is something I thought I would never have on this channel this year but I had not one but 2 budget laptops and I can’t recommend both unfortunately. Let’s deal with the elephant in the room. I did a quick overview of the HP Flyer Red I picked up in a pinch from Walmart. This laptop was initially slow and I made some recommendations for more memory and a faster hard drive. No problem except there were a couple problems.

I was unaware that any laptops were on the shelf in 2016 with only one DIMM slot like the HP laptop. Like even the low price doesn’t justify having only one dimm slot IMO.
The hard drive upgrade is real pain the ass (you have to remove the keyboard and a ton of screws) but at this price I can forgive it, if it didn’t turn out that the model I got had SATA1 technology so the SATA 3 SSD I put in was a complete waste of time. Absolutely HELL NO!
There’s no bluetooth on this laptop as stated in the video and someone didn’t believe me for whatever reason. smh The thing is I don’t mind having no bluetooth if it were not for the 1st 2 major problems I previously stated.

With that being said, I can’t recommend the HP Flyer Red.

Picture of the Dell Latitude E6230 standing closed straight up so the dell logo on the hood is facing you

I can indeed recommend the Dell E6230 I use for work everyday. I’m still just as in love with ugly laptop as I was when I got. Refurbished and all, this laptop is work horse that fulfill almost any coder, number cruncher, and then some. Thanks Dell allowing a very easy way to upgrade the hard drive and memory, this laptop can go from slow to fast with a couple component upgrades. It’s definitely proof that a used or refurbished premium product can indeed be way more useful than a cheap brand new one.



Last up in list of top budget tech is my keyboard, the tried and true Dell KB212-B. It’s not mechanical but I love this keyboard! Nothing more I can really say that haven’t said in the review. It can definitely be a quieter depending on your typing style but it’s a great cheap keyboard for the average PC user that doesn’t care for mechanical keys or a keyboard that lights up your whole damn room.


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Red Ant G2 Earbuds Overview – Budget Tech Sat, 05 Nov 2016 17:32:49 +0000 The Red Ant G2 Earbuds hanging over the box they came in that has a smiliing red ant giving a thumbs up as the brand logo

The Red Ant G2 Earbuds are not your typical earbuds at all. For the low price of only ~$23 the G2s come with 2 sets of earbuds, a flat black detachable cable, carrying case, and small set of ear tips to switch out for your comfort. Why 2 sets of earbuds you may ask? I was wondering the same thing. It turns out the 2 sets are for 2 different kind of audio listeners. One is for those who like a more flat, clean sound. A sound that is less colored or enhanced. The other is for those who like a little more bass in their music.

Everything that came in the box for the Red Ant G2 Earbuds whic consist of the flat black detachable cable, carrying case, both sets of swappable earbuds, and ear tips for ear comfort

Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure if they completely satisfy both worlds but they make a good effort. The flat earbuds indeed deliver a flatter sound with no real enhancements to the audio. They sound great. The bass earbuds however, don't quite deliver. The bass is there but its just not enough for my taste. They definitely don't compete with the ActionPie V1S or the M-Duo earbuds. Those are true bassy earbuds that deliver satisfying levels of bass that the RedAnt G2s just don't quite reach.

[gallery type="divi" link="file" ids="2544,2545,2546"]

However with that being said, I still recommend them cause even though the bass is a little weak, the overall package for such a low price is hard to beat. You get well built earbuds that cover all your music needs albeit not perfectly. The flat earbuds deliver crisp sound that's amazing for the price. Not to mention, that flat tangle-free detachable cable. I would've liked to see more tips for comfort but that's ok. You should definitely give these a try. They'll make a great Christmas gift!

Red Ant G2 Earbuds Video Overview

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ActionPie VJJB-V1S Review -Small Price and Great Sound Sun, 30 Oct 2016 22:03:50 +0000 Picture of me wearing the ActionPie VJJB-V1S earbuds with head turned to the side so you can see them in my ears

The Actionpie VJJB-V1S earbuds cost less then $30 and delivers the sound of earbuds twice the price. Hit the video below to hear my complete thoughts on it.

As for the things I didn't say:

These earbuds was sent for free for my honest review. For some reason, I forgot to say that in the video.

Thanks to the awesome set of ear tips that came with the ActionPie V1S earbuds, I finally got to experience foam ear tips for the first time and it is AWESOME!

ActionPie VJJB-V1S Review

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Previously In Anime – Thunderbolt Fantasy Review Sat, 15 Oct 2016 04:29:31 +0000 Thunderbolt Fantasy review thumbnail with Kicho's face

Thunderbolt Fantasy opening logo from Episode 3

INFO provided by Thunderbolt Fantasy Wiki

  • Also known as: Thunderbolt Fantasy: Sword Travels from the East
  • Genre: Puppetry, Wuxia, Period drama, Action
  • Written by Gen Urobuchi
  • 13 Episodes
  • Season: Summer 2016

The video review for Thunderbolt Fantasy is below but as for the few things I didn't touch on in the video:


The music in Thunderbolt Fantasy is epic to say the least. Usually, I don't say much about the music is anime cause my care for it goes about as far the theme song is long but in this case the music truly added to the series.


Okay, this is not such a big deal but a few characters in this series had more than 2 names all pronounced differently and it made it a pain in the butt to write up the review. I simply picked the one that I butchered the least while talking and stuck with it.


That's right! At the end of the series, the last scene in the episode 13 stated that season 2 was already in the works! I couldn't be more pleased. Now, let's hope they keep there word. :nuetral:


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