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If you make less than $30,000/yr a lot of convenient services that many have are simply not feasible for your budget like regular vacation trips and also Internet. With the lowest internet package in my hometown being somewhere around $50-$60/mo ( about $600/yr) that is tough to swallow. Google’s data agrees estimating that most families in this bracket have no internet at all. Nonetheless, Google still wants to you to have internet in it’s push to connect as many homes as possible.

Logo for Google Fiber is a multicolored bunny

Google has been testing a 1Gbps FREE internet service for low-income families (making less $30k annually) or living in assisted housing as part of a government program called ConnectHome and is now rolling out that service in cities that currently have Google Fiber already. Yes, people I said, FREE. Google is making every effort to make it’s Fiber service more appealing and it’s certainly doing a good job at that. We don’t know if there is any more catches to this or than your annual income as of yet but to be able to get a Gigabit connection for free is mind blowing while I’m over here paying almost a $1000/yr for my 60Mbps Xfinity internet. 🙁  I can’t wait till it’s nationwide but with the slow pace of it’s expansion, don’t expect Google Fiber in your city anytime soon.

Source: Tweaktown via Technobuffalo

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