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Grand Blue was an anime that literally for the first several episodes the only question in my head was “Are they gonna dive now?”. I was quite frustrated with this anime until I realized that no matter whether they actually got in the water or not I would keep coming back for the laughs. 

The moment I realized that Grand Blue was really more about adult humor then diving is when I truly started to enjoy the anime. It’s not meant to be taken seriously but indeed had a few episodes that were heavily focused on sharing knowledge on the world diving. 


The story in of itself was not really that deep and there was more to be desired in terms of the support cast backstories. Hell, everyone’s backstory really. Grand Blue never really dove too far into details on anyone and instead hits you with comedy based around each new character almost as soon they’re introduced. Cue the “Read the manga!” weirdos. 😆


Yeah, sure, I could read the manga if I wanted but honestly, I like the anime as it is. It’s great humor (for an adult), the art and animation are good, and that intro by Shonan No Kaze can be addictive as well. If you’re actually searching for an anime about diving and the deep blue sea this isn’t really it. If you’re searching for a good adult/toilet humor anime that happens to talk about diving every now and again then please enjoy Grand Blue!

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