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Where the KMASHI Victor K1 can give your phone a few more hours of juice to get you home towards the end of the day. The KMASHI MP836 is the solution for anyone who needs a reliable external battery that will minimize to completely eliminate the need for a wall outlet and get your through way more than a day’s use (depending on what you’re charging) .


The kmashi mp836 battery in my hands
The  KMASHI MP836 has a nice pattern on it’s plastic shell that does wrap around to the back but it’s broken up by a glossy plastic spine running down the side. I’m not exactly sure why that’s there but it’s not really a big deal just a slightly odd design choice. I love the bold red black look of the battery cause it’s still pretty simple and clean.


The kmashi mp836 laying on the table with the top of the battery in view showing the 2 charging ports, battery level indicator, and power button
This maybe a portable battery but at 1lb or 450g, it’s a little hefty. This thang be huge but that’s quite understandable given the price and capacity. You can get a battery around the same capacity that’s lighter and thinner but it will cost you more than the $20 this does. It will also probably perform the same or worse than this cause this battery works really well.

The battery has 2 5V outputs. Output #1 charges any device at a max of 1A, so smaller devices and most phones would charge fine here. The 2nd output charges at a max of 2A for bigger devices and fast charging phones. This thing would charge my phone just as good or better than the wall plug that came with it on many occasions. You can also combine the outputs using a y-cable that’s not included for a steady 5V 2A if you need it.


The kmashi mp836 laying on the table with charging port in full view
The weight and size will certainly be a turn off for some but it is a 15,000mAh battery. You can get through a couple of days guaranteed if you’re using it just for your phone that you also charge at night. I’m a heavy phone user so I use this battery everyday and charge it at night and use it when I’m at work. I don’t need to carry my charger with me anymore. All in all, for the price you need to add this to your daily gear. If you’re getting this for devices whose total battery capacity is less than half of 15,000mAh and you should be, it could ensure you’re never hunting for a wall outlet.




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