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The T-Mobile LG V10 finally has Marshmallow and spoilers there wasn’t that many differences performance wise but there are definitely some differences.


I’m gonna talk about some of the changes according to LG and what they are then I’m gonna tell you about how this affects my day to day use.

Battery Optimization


According to LG, battery life has been optimized and now idle apps shouldn’t drain your phone as much. The problem with that is the battery drain on my LG V10 is pretty bad, soooo I’m not so sure I’m gonna notice those improvements. If you truly want improve the battery life of your V10 your only real option is putting a bigger battery in the phone.


Improved Knock Code


Um yeah, I don’t really use the knock code cause there’s a pretty fast fingerprint reader on the back that I think is a lot more convenient than knocking on my phone. I just don’t see the point but it is improved according to LG. There’s just other faster/better ways to get into your V10 than “knocking”. Go in your lock screen settings on the V10 to find it.


App Permissions


This comes with any phone that has Marshmallow installed and that’s much more control over app permissions. Thanks to Marshmallow, apps automatically giving themselves permission to use various features it thinks it needs on your phone is now dead…..for the most part. For those like you and me who actually know how to do more than answer calls, send text, and get on Facebook, we will benefit the most from this feature. Most people, like to use their phone how it is out of the box and the same goes for when they install apps. Install and forget it. They want security but also want convenience which is 2 words that don’t really go together. You can find this setting on your V10 by simply going into your App Settings and tapping on any app then tapping on permissions. 


Direct Share


This is pretty neat but yet another feature I won’t really use and that’s Direct Share. Direct Share puts the contact you share with the most at the top of your share list along with the app you use the most to share with them. For those who love to share their media with their family and friends all the time, this is for you. On your V10 you can see this by simply opening up your gallery and choose the pic or video you want to share then tap the share icon and you’ll see this. It can save you an extra 0.2 seconds.


Silent Mode


This was a needed feature on the V10 that’s not even a feature but just a shortcut in the Notification Panel that I couldn’t understand why it was messing in the first place. A Silent/Do Not Disturb button. Just tap and instantly put the phone into Silent mode. No longer do we have to tap the sound icon till it gets to the silent mode. Such a simple thing that I didn’t think I would care about so much till I didn’t have it.


Little Things


  • Peeking
    • Notifications will now peek into the screen when they do arrive instead of block the whole screen like some of them did formerly.
  • Google Settings
    • Allows you to manage Google Apps easier
  • Memory Settings
    • Better track memory usage which is nice but will don’t have much need for that cause my phone (maybe someone else’s has but my phone never had any memory issues. Having 3GB of actual memory would definitely do that.
  • App Settings
    • App settings menu has been simplified. No more excessive tabs like it had before which is pretty nice for the few times I would need to actually go in here.




Now I haven’t had any real problems to speak of after this update except for one big thing. Remember that battery life improvement I was talking about? Well, somehow some way it kinda screwed things up for me who hardly charges the phone using the wall charger.


The way I “charge” my phone is I let the phone get low than I swap out the battery for a fresh spare one that I keep charging. I prefer this method over needing to plug my phone in all the time but now when I swap batteries things don’t go so smoothly.


Every other time I swap my battery out, it tells me the battery that I know is fully charged has less than 5% battery. When I restart the phone, it would either act or it will show me a different low percentage and I have to restart again. If it still doesn’t show me the 100% than I need to pull the battery out of the phone and put it back in then it works. Quite irritating since the main reason you swap batteries is so you can jump back to 100% instantly instead of spending over an hour to get to the same result.

Manual Video Recording Audio sync issues

This issue has plagued me since day 1 of owning the V10. Whenever I record in manual I take a gamble on whether the audio is gonna be in sync or not. Most of the time, I lose that bet. When I say, the audio is not in sync. It’s not in sync AS IT’S RECORDING. Right after I record my video, I play it back on the phone and the audio is clearly a few seconds off right from the beginning and gets progressively worse towards the end of the video. It’s mind boggling. No matter what settings I change, the result is the same.  I was hoping LG would be making some camera improvements that would fix this issue but at last, nothing. The issue remains so now when I record any videos for YouTube with my phone, I have to stick to auto mode otherwise I have to go through a HUGE pain staking process of syncing the audio with video that seems to have an inconsistent frame rate. 🙁




The long awaited Marshmallow update for the V10 was needed but didn’t come without it’s share of bugs which is a shame considering how long us non-rooted users have to wait on an official update as it is. I continue to hope that these updates are better tested before they are pushed out in the future but you can only see so much in control test environment which is the problem neither LG or T-Mobile will able to get around.



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