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Esh has had a love for tech and anime since childhood when the only tech was the school library computer and the only anime he knew was Ronin Warriors. In the 90s he learned HTML on the Sega Dreamcast and built his 1st website Volcanic Dragon but now he run’s!

Now within 24hrs the thumbnail to this video got pulled from one Google+ group and DailyMotion changed it to a simple random scene from the video. 😆 That’s alright, probably safe to say I won’t be making a thumbnail this ecchi ever again. The anime in question however has turned out to be pretty funny despite its ridiculousness.

In episode 10 of Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou we have all kinds of crazy ecchi scenes and insane Suu Godzilla action. Hit the vid below to hear my thoughts on it and find out what happened in the show.

Haven’t seen Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou Episode 10?

Steam it for free over at a WAO Anime!



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