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The Red Ant G2 Earbuds are not your typical earbuds at all. For the low price of only ~$23 the G2s come with 2 sets of earbuds, a flat black detachable cable, carrying case, and small set of ear tips to switch out for your comfort. Why 2 sets of earbuds you may ask? I was wondering the same thing. It turns out the 2 sets are for 2 different kind of audio listeners. One is for those who like a more flat, clean sound. A sound that is less colored or enhanced. The other is for those who like a little more bass in their music.

Everything that came in the box for the Red Ant G2 Earbuds whic consist of the flat black detachable cable, carrying case, both sets of swappable earbuds, and ear tips for ear comfort

Unfortunately, I’m not exactly sure if they completely satisfy both worlds but they make a good effort. The flat earbuds indeed deliver a flatter sound with no real enhancements to the audio. They sound great. The bass earbuds however, don’t quite deliver. The bass is there but its just not enough for my taste. They definitely don’t compete with the ActionPie V1S or the M-Duo earbuds. Those are true bassy earbuds that deliver satisfying levels of bass that the RedAnt G2s just don’t quite reach.

However with that being said, I still recommend them cause even though the bass is a little weak, the overall package for such a low price is hard to beat. You get well built earbuds that cover all your music needs albeit not perfectly. The flat earbuds deliver crisp sound that’s amazing for the price. Not to mention, that flat tangle-free detachable cable. I would’ve liked to see more tips for comfort but that’s ok. You should definitely give these a try. They’ll make a great Christmas gift!

Red Ant G2 Earbuds Video Overview

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