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Esh has had a love for tech and anime since childhood when the only tech was the school library computer and the only anime he knew was Ronin Warriors. In the 90s he learned HTML on the Sega Dreamcast and built his 1st website Volcanic Dragon but now he run’s!

Another week, another anime comes to a close as year’s end draws closer. Psycho Pass 2 had its final episode this week and I truly enjoyed this 2nd series. The story was just as good and had a good ending as well. Tsunemori’s character was evolved greatly or should I say, it was matured. She went from being a good inspector to being an unbreakable one. The villain Kamui was a great character and my fav moment for him was where all his personalities were speaking to Tsunemori one by one as they walked. Sword Art Online II is also over this week and I swear these last few episodes have been jerking the crap out of my tears! They blended the characters’ real lives with their digital ones so well and really drove home how difficult it can be for a hardcore player to find a balance between the real world and the virtual one.

Hundreds of warriors bow as Yuukli passes on in Sword Art Online 2 Episode 24

Sword Art Online Season 2 Episode 24

This week we finally send Yuuki off properly and also this series. In the final episode of Sword Art Online II, it’s been a few months since Kirito was able to make Yuuki’s dream of going to school a reality and now she’s at her limit. The feels were POWERFUL on this one, as it seemed like the whole SAO gathered for her passing. However she had one last gift for Asuna before she left, the 11-hit combo, Mother’s Rosario. This powerful attack is now in Asuna’s arsenal and I can’t wait to see her unleash it! In true SAO fashion, we are not left wondering what’s next. It turns out the person who invented the basic design for Medicuboid was none other than the inventor of the original SAO, NerveGear, and the leader of the Knights of the Blood, Kayaba Akihiko a.k.a Heathcliff! If there will be another season, we’ll see how this little fact plays into the new story.

Madara attempting to pull all the sacred beasts back into the Gedo statue in Naruto Shippuuden Episode 392

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 392

Madara is pushing forward with his plan which was apparently a long time in the making and has regained his real body once again. A tired and reanimated Hashirama can’t fight him anymore with his renewed strength making him an easy target for Madara to steal his Sage chakra. With that done, he turned his sights to the tailed beasts and the Gedo Statue. Madara summoned the statue again with the intention of the imprisoning all the beasts again but this time Naruto’s and Bee’s as well! I really thought this show was gonna end without any more fights due to how the episodes have been dragging as of late. This is a nice twist.

Kuga's real body inside his black trigger in World Trigger Episode 11

World Trigger Episode 11

Kuga’s full story has now been revealed to us and it’s a bit of a dark one. As things turn out, there was an assassin on the loose and Yugo, Kuga’s father, had ordered him to stay inside the kingdom for the time being. Kuga saw the fight not going well and decided to jump in. The assassin quickly set its sights on Kuga and nearly killed him. Yugo sacrificed his own life to create the black trigger and save him. However, all is not well cause Kuga I still technically dying but now very slowly. To make matter’s worse; he’s now learned that the friend of his Dad that was looking for has passed on already. This left Kuga with no goals and no reason to stay in this world. Just as he had made up his mind to go home, Osamu approaches with a crazy plan to form a team for Chika’s sake since she decided she was joining Border!

Kaori in a garden of nightflies  in Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 11

Shigastu wa Kimi No Uso Episode 11

As he and everyone suspected, Kousei was indeed disqualified for his performance but he claimed victory for himself instead. Reuniting with an old friend of his mother’s after the competition who will now be his new instructor, Kousei has found a reason to play again. Than to escalate things even further, he admitted to Kaori that it was her that helped him in that last performance. The animation of the nightflies in the garden was awesome and perfect. However, in the end, she spoke softly that she would not always be around to help. I wonder if the subject of why she needs all those pills will be coming up soon.

Sibyl being judged in Psycho Pass 2 Episode 11

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 11

On the final show of this series, Sakuya thought he had Kamui but instead was cut off by Tsunemori. Refusing to allow Sakuya to do as he pleased, Tsunemori was forced to show that her quick thinking and clear color is not the only reason she’s the leader. She had Sakuya on the ground and handcuffed within minutes. Nice! She and Kamui proceeded straight to Sibyl (the real one) with all of Kamui’s different personalities speaking at random. However, right before they reached, Misako Togane cut them off with the intention of killing both of them but Kamui would not be denied and took her life. With the Director out the way, the pair now stood in a very familiar room, the heart of Sibyl. Here is where they settle things once and for all. As Kamui aimed a dominator at Sibyl, it took an unusual approach and destroyed several of its brains to lower its Crime Coefficient. Even though this kept Kamui from shooting it, it was also his victory in that it made Sibyl realize it was not the perfect system it once thought it was. It didn’t have the means to judge society as a whole via a collective Psycho Pass. If it did, Kamui would not have gotten away for so long and most of this series wouldn’t have happened. Sibyl now knows that just because someone is clear doesn’t mean they can’t still be a criminal. The answer is to find better way to judge people other than their Crime Coefficient which will definitely lead to fair justice. At least, we hope. After 11 great shows, Psycho Pass the 2nd season is finally finished.

Anime Mentions

Fairy Tail S2 Episode 38

The depressing arc continues with Erza having a competition with Sagittarius which ended with her victory and closing his gate. Natsu and the others keep up the fight with Ophiuchus until Loke appears and apparently he’s still going forward with his plan for freedom even though his comrades have already been sent back to the spirit world. Also, it turns out they’ve been fighting inside Ophiuchus’ body cause her true form is that of a huge snake. Only one battle left now. Loke vs. Natsu….again.

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