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It’s been awhile but I’m finally making more progress on project rad-xtreme.

New Things!

CaseLabs Pedestal

I intend for Project Rad Xtreme to be as extreme as possible when it comes to water cooling, so I finally got the pedestal for the SM8 and installed it. It raises the case about 7.5in more. It also allows for dual power supplies and even more radiator support than what the case already has which is pretty damn good already for most. If you wanted you could easily fit 2 240 or 280 rads in the bottom with either 2 power supplies or a 120mm or 140mm fan depending what options your ordered. No matter what extras your ordered, the pedestal also has a bay in the bottom which you can convert into a place for your fan controller or whatever else.

Some more stuff

Other things I acquired are:

  1. Primochill Rigid Tubing(need more)

  2. Velcro(cause why not?)

  3. Primochill Dionized water(i explain why this over the store stuff in the vid)

  4. Bitspower Reservoir and extra 3 port cap

  5. Mayhem’s Dyes

I go into a lot more detail on project rad xtreme in the video below!

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