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Watamote! is one great anime really. It’s kind of hard to explain why but “since I’m not popular” I’m gonna give it a shot.

Now I was kind of thrown for a loop by this series cause when the intro music kicked on I was banging my head and immediately expected this girl to be in crazy fights in which she will be decapitating her enemies with extreme prejudice but that’s not what I got when the show started. Now that I’ve finished the anime, I’m kind of glad I didn’t get what I expected.  Watamote indeed did have fighting but instead of the physical fights I was expecting, we get an internal war going on inside a strange girl’s head which gets her into embarrassing, awkward, and hilarious situations.

Picture of Tomoko from Watamote Well, who’s our leading lady? Who’s this crazy girl? 15yr old Tomoko Kuroki is a self-proclaimed pro dating sim player who’s about to venture into the wild jungle that is high school. Funny thing about Tomoko and the point of this whole anime is she’s tired of just being a home bodied, gamer with little friends. She longs for the life of the popular high school girl with friends, boyfriends, and the whole shebang. In other words, she wants an actual life outside her bedroom. Something that is not particularly easy to have when you can count the amount of friends you have on one hand or in her case, less.

Screenshot of Tomoko from WatamoteThroughout this short anime she makes various attempts to achieve this, using the #1 search engine that we all know and love for most of her information, Gaggle along with her various magazines. You’re gonna have to watch the anime to understand why I’m so tickled by that last line. I had a little trouble focusing on the little things in this series cause I spent so much time screaming at my screen “No don’t do that!” and “Noooo! Whyyyyyy!” while laughing my ass off.

Screenshot from Watamote with Tomoko and Imae I did catch a good amount of details though, like I found it interesting how they displayed a very realistic situation of someone who wants to be recognized and be the center of attention at least once but every time an opportunity arises they are so anti-socialistic they do everything in their power to hide or just disappear cause being alone is where they are most comfortable. I myself was like this for quite some time so it resonated with me when Tomoko acted this way time and time again.

Picture of Yuu from the anime Watamote

I think due to the base of this anime being so down to earth,  you may find a lot of the characters replaceable with actual people from your own life depending on who you are. Imae was one of my fav characters in this series cause of how she always noticed Tomoko and tries to cheer her up on a few occasions. Her brother, I just feel bad for cause he actually lives with this poor child and thus must put up with her insanity all the time. If I had to be him suicide might seem like a vacation. Her only friend from her early school days, Yuu is funny to watch cause she’s the friend that will always look better than you on her worst day. 😆

Now you can find this series under its otherl name which is “No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular!” or the short name of WataMote but whatever you do find it cause I highly encourage all to watch this anime because I think many of you will see the story differently and take away different things from it. To be honest, when it comes to anime like this, I think people having different views and opinions on what it is and supposed to be is the point of making it in the 1st place. Please give it a once over or more when you get a chance!


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