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Esh has had a love for tech and anime since childhood when the only tech was the school library computer and the only anime he knew was Ronin Warriors. In the 90s he learned HTML on the Sega Dreamcast and built his 1st website Volcanic Dragon but now he run’s!

Alright guys, we’re finally rolling into the final week of 2014 and about to kick off 2015 so I got to give you one more This Week In Anime before we head into the new year! Here we go!

Note: Video is towards the bottom of the post if you don’t feel like reading but there might be some details here that are not in the video and I always review more anime here than in the video.

9 of the 12 constellations shining in the night sky above Natsu and Wendy in Fairy Tail Episode 39

Fairy Tail 2014 Episode 39

All the gates have been closed except for three. It’s Natsu vs. Loke again and this time it was an actual fight that wasn’t a one-sided pounding by Loke. However, we also had Wendy, Carla, and Happy trying their best to reach the globe to stop Liberum. The team was struggling on both fronts as Natsu was running on fumes after constant futile attacks against Loke and the globe was attacking anyone who approached it. Meanwhile the Princess Hisui and Arcadios was quite suspicious of the Ophiuchus and the odd method Loke was using now for Liberium which works without all the spirits present. Not to mention Lucy is still fighting Virgo in her draws and Yukino is still on the rocks with Scales. Yet, the globe reached them right in the middle of their fights even though their gates have not been closed. Since, it’s been made quite obvious, next week let’s find out how Ophiuchus has lived up to her name as a Snake and royally screwed everyone.

Sasuke gets a sword in the chest from Madara in Naruto Shippuuden Episode 393

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 393

Madara is locked in a tug of war with the 9 beasts. As, they’re being pulled in Kuroma asks Garra to do him a favor which will we find out what that was in the next show. Hashirama in an odd move gives the last of his power and a new ability to Sasuke. Meanwhile, there are problems piling up everywhere due to this fight being dragged out so long. Tobirama made a failed attempt to kill Madara. Zetsu is pounding what litte chakara the remaining shinobis have out. Naruto has had his jinchuruki pulled out of him and is now quickly dying but Sakura doesn’t really have enough strength left to heal him. Now that everyone has seen the dying Naruto, morale is plummeting. Things can get much worse, at this point. However, all true anime fans know that this is cliché turning point. Next week, we’ll how things unfold and if Madara will actually have his way. Hint: Not likely.

Minori and Akatsuki having a stare down in Log Horizon Season 2 Episode 13

Log Horizon 2nd Season Episode 13

While we here in the real world just finished celebrating Christmas and are gearing up for New Years, the folks over in Log Horizon are already celebrating Valentine’s Day. Thus, in true Valentine’s fashion, love spells are abounding as this is also the season for a special fruit, the coconia fruit. With this fruit you can make all kinds of delicious sweets and at the same time it’ll cast a spell which will force the victim to confess their true love. With that being said, you got to know our boy Shiroe is target #1 for some of the girls of Log Horizon but surprisingly enough not all the girls. Let’s run’em down shall we:


  • Serara
  • Marie
  • Isuzu
  • Akatsuki
  • Minori
  • ????


  • Nyanta
  • Naotsugu
  • Rudy
  • Shiroe
  • Shiroe
  • Shouryuu
My heart is bleeding for Shouryuu. #FOREVERALONE 😆 Dude, got sloppy seconds after Marie’s failed attempt to get Naotsugu to tell her who he loves. Akatsuki and Minori failed as well when both of them choked when it was time to pop the question. All the while, poor Serara couldn’t get no coconia action for Nyanta so she did the next best thing. Ran outside and picked a bunch of nice flowers…that so happened to be riddled with thorns. Now that’s love right there! However the whole show wasn’t all roses and cococinas, the issue of Krusty’s whereabouts also came up as Sansa is forced to equip a robotic arm temporarily till they find Krusty and hopefully her real arm. I have to admit I’m VERY interested as to what the hell happened to Krusty. That attack from that demonic weapon didn’t seem like anything nice. We’ll just have to wait and see.
Arata and the Trinity Seven seen through the eyes of Hijiri in Trinity Seven Episode 12

Trinity Seven Episode 12

This was the final episode for this series and apparently there will be a Season 2 of this anime. Now (to no one’s surprise) this show was all about the whole Trinity Seven vs Hijiri. You would think that I’m about to tell you of an epic fight that required the entire episode to complete. After all it would be adequate considering how much they built this up but no. This was literally a minute and then it was done. Words cannot describe my confusion and disappointment but I digress. Hijiri in all her evilness is pretty light hearted and not at all taken over by darkness or anything. Once the fight kicked up everyone had their chance to strike Hijiri with their best shot. In other words, there was a lot of Themas executed in one go. It was pretty neat to see everyone so fired up and pretty animations everywhere. The ones who were rather laid back the whole time was of course, the headmaster and Master Liber. Master Liber who I haven’t seen till now happens to be the leader of the dark group, Iscariot, who’s been attacking the school which includes Hijiri. These two are also powerful mages called Paladins. They decided that it would be best for the world if they didn’t fight cause they would probably destroy it. We will completely ignore the fact that no fucks was given in the stating of these facts. As if, destroying the world is no big deal to them. 😮 As you might’ve guessed Hijiri had a defense and/or counter for pretty much every attack the team could dish out except for the combo attack from Lilith and Arata which caused a strange reaction which made Hijiri drop her guard. Now all this led to Hijiri explaining her journey to Arata and the reasoning behind her decision to go to the dark side. This explanation also revealed one possible dark future of the world being destroyed over and over again by Arata and the Trinity Seven (just call Arata Mr. Bitches 😎 ). Now after all that, Master Liber took Hijiri and left with the rest of the team. Thus, it was all over for now and we are left waiting for the next season. Nothing was actually resolved but at least most of our questions we’re answered. Let’s see how things unfold next season!

Barkhorn Hartmann and Ursula flying in Strike Witches OVA Episode 1

Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow (OVA) Episode 1

The Strike Witches have been around a while but I honestly have hardly watched any of the anime. This particular show is the 1st episode of a series that so happens to have the initials OVA which I found pretty clever. In this show Heidemarie is now officially under Minna’s command. Barkhorn and Hartmann get a visit from Ursula, Hartmann’s sister. She doesn’t show up empty-handed either. On top of some rather odd gifts, she comes packing some new prototype gear. This gear is a new jet flight unit and a 50mm cannon to pair it with! Hartmann panties are immediately in a bunch about the new gear and starts complaining about how dangerous and unnecessary it is. Barkhorn and Minna on the other hand, are excited about its capabilities in combat. The frustration from Hartmann puts both her and sister’s life at risk when she bluntly disobeys her sister’s instructions and damages one of the jet prototype units which is meant for meant 2 pilots. This new dual pilot prototype unit was actually made by modifying Hartmann’s unit which meant when the enemy attacked (cause perfect timing) she could not head out to battle. Also, like your typical anime cliché the enemy is a weapon that has hardened armor and could split into several small vessels just to piss you off. The enemy pinned them in a corner quickly and forced Hartmann to pilot the jet she disliked to save her friends and comrades. Due to Hartmann’s ability to pilot anything without much knowledge she was able to control the jet and gun fairly well but it took help from her sister in order to truly get the hang of it and defeat the enemy. Apparently, the 1st few shows will be bring the old crew back together. Let’s see how this series goes. Right now, I think it’s looking pretty good. 🙂

Dingo with Frontier Setter giving Angela back her body in Rakuen Tsuihou

Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled From Paradise

In a bit of change up, Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled From Paradise is actually an anime movie released last month but has popped up on my streaming site recently. I must say, it was 1hr and 43min well spent. We begin on a beach in a place called Deva. Deva is a life vessel that floats high above a periled Earth but it’s not a place for the rich only or anything. In fact, over 98% of the population is here living in a virtual world as constructs. Those few left on Earth choose to be there for their own personal reasons. Life on Deva is shaken by a bombardment of messages from a hacker that calls himself Frontier Setter. Angela Balzac along with other agents are sent to Earth from Deva to investigate who this hacker is and how they broke through Deva’s security. Upon landing she meets her contact, an investigator and citizen of Earth, Dingo who immediately forces her to pull out her robot Arhan to save his ass. Together they put together clues for the case and Angela learns more about Earth from Dingo along the way. Their investigation leads to a small robot. It turns out this small robot is Frontier Setter, the hacker. As things turn out, he has a mission to finish building the exploration ship Genesis Ark, to explore the stars and find another home for humanity. Frontier Setter has been trying to recruit humans who will go out to the stars with it. Once Angela returned to Deva with her report and plea to not destroy Frontier Setter, it was met with anger. She was handed down a life sentence and an assault was made on Frontier Setter’s base immediately. Frontier Setter broke Angela out and together with Dingo they fought back the Deva assault long enough for Frontier Setter to launch his mission and head out into space. In the end Angela decided to stay behind with Dingo to learn more about Earth and Dingo, of course. This movie had all kinds of action, drama, and was quite the ride. I encourage anyone to give it a look.

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