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I was quite busy this week with video editing and work so I couldn’t get as much done this weekend which includes the video that would compliment this article. 🙁 However, the show must go on! I was gonna add Naruto Shippuuden into this one but it seems like it’s running filler episodes for forever now and I didn’t fill like talking about it this week. Checked out the anime Magic Kaito 1412 for the 1st time and must say, it has pulled me in. Gonna have to binge watch the last several shows and get caught up for next week’s article. 🙂

Disclaimer: No manga is read here. I only read it when the series is over and I know it’s continuing on in the manga and that’s only if I’m interested enough in the story to do that. Most of the time, I’m not.
Note: The video is towards the bottom of the post when it’s ready if you don’t feel like reading but there might be some details here that are not in the video and I always review more anime here than in the video.

Sir Edward Lampard behind Moroha in Seiken Tsukai no World Break Episode 3

Seiken Tsukai no World Break Episode 3

The fight with the Metaphysical snake which made clear that Moroha is an Ancient Dragon did NOT make things any better for him. In fact, it landed him on the radar of every important person in the world. That is the Heads who are S-Class strikers and have lots of physical and political power. Also, the radar of the president of the school who just so happens to be Shizuno’s older brother. We start with the president hinting at Shizuno that he has some kind of devious plan cooking to use her friendly relationship with Moroha to his benefit. Than we quickly move onto to a more peaceful setting with our 3 protoganist enjoying some tea in shop. At least it was peaceful before a strange English guest showed up and started teasing the waitress with his native language knowing damn well the poor girl couldn’t understand him. Lol Right as everyone was caught up in the commotion he politely made himself known by moving at blindly speed aiming right at Moroha’s face. Shizuno reveals to us, that he is the one of the Heads from Great Britain, Sir Edward Lampard. After a rather quick fight, Maya tricks Maraho into a private chat in the principal’s office where she was able to talk to him about Shizuno’s family, the Urishibara’s. They are one of the most powerful families in the country and Shizuno’s elder brother plans to use her to catapult himself to a high rank within that family. Typical stuff, so let’s get right to the end. After a dinner with Shuizuno’s family which was nothing but a front for the president to reveal his scheme, Moroha was attacked on the way home. Now even though the attacker doesn’t reveal themselves per say, due to earlier events in the show, it was quite clear the attacker was the maid/friend of Edward Lampart who’s pretty strong herself. The fight didn’t go her way though, as Moroha has been remembering more and more about both his lives in the past and used a power attack to blow her clothes off. Even though I like this anime, Satsuki’s voice is like nails to a chalk board and it seems President Urishibara might become just as annoying with coming schemes for glory. It’s really making this anime a chore to watch. On the flip side, Moroha had a whole differently personality for that last fight. His cool meter pegged or something. :Lol:

Shachi face right before punched the soul out of Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 4

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 4

We’re stepping it up a notch from the laid back show we had last week. There’s a party in Cochlea with both the CCG and Aogiri dancing together. Amon and Akira are sent to talk with SS-rated ghoul, Donato Porpora who raised Amon for a short time when he was a child in his orphanage where he cared for and ate children, well people in general I guess. While the investigators are working inside, Aogiri has already moved in and starts their attack on the facility. They quickly down many of the guards leaving Amon and Akira to have to fend for themselves against Naki. Meanwhile, our 2 other one-eyed ghouls who made their appearance in the last episode, Kurona and Nashiro seem to be on their way to Kaneki but ran into the last CCG investigator you’ll ever wanna meet, Juzo. Apparently, the twins know Juzo from a past time where he was known as Rei. Not much else is revealed before they too are put in a bind as Juzo wants to kill them. Kaneki finally makes it to the target, Shachi, who would think would be grateful for Aogiri’s hard work to free him but apparently the scent of Rize on Kaneki angers him. He proceeds to beat the crap out of Kaneki but we end the show with Kaneki finding even more resolve in the path he chose and thus transforms yet again. To be honest this transformation looks a little crazy… 😮

Salia and Ange locked in a para mail battle in Cross Ange Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo Episode 17

Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo Episode 17

Ange and Tusk are finally going home except it’s via a singularity a.k.a portal that the Dragons are opening to invade the Mitsurugi Empire to retrieve Aura, the first DRAGON. Ange is on the fence about whether it’s really the right to fight with the DRAGONS and she instead decides to just get home and deal with what comes after that. Vivian decides to head home to see her friends again and rides with Tusk who’s (non-DRAGON) body will be missed by many among the people of Aura, the women to be exact. lol As soon as the DRAGONs cross back into Ange’s world, they immediately notice that something is wrong. The intel from Lizardia was bogus cause unknown to them, she was captured by Embryo. The army is ambushed by 5 para-mails that are built like the VillKiss and just as strong. These commanded by none other than Salia. Ange’s old friends have been turned into her enemies by Embyro, their new leader. After the fight, Ange escapes from Salia and their Shining Rose Triangle (lamest attack name ever) to their old home Arzenal using the same warp move in the VillKiss. Here she’s reunited with Momoka and Hilda who immediately squeezes Tusk’s balls to check his manhood. This man’s nuts goes through more punishment in one episode than most dudes go through in a year. It’s a damn shame! #freetusksballs

An unconscious Nagi Aizato in Shigatsu Wa Kimi no Uso Episode 15

Shigatsu wa Kimi No Uso Episode 15

Tsubaki is struggling to deal with Kousei’s decision to move away. To add insult to injury, her boyfriend dumps her like he should’ve done a while ago. Like an angel, Kousei shows up to console Tsubaki and listen to her problems. He tells her that he’ll stay by her side. Tsubaki starts to realize that she needs to start thinking about her own future. Afterwards, Kousei has been struggling to visit Kaori due to the terrible memories he has of the hospital and his mom. On his way home from yet another failed attempt to see her, he’s attacked by a child in a tree who happens to fall out of it and knock herself unconscious. When she comes to in Seto’s home, she reveals herself to be Nagi Aizato, a pianist and after a quick exhibition Seto determines that Kousei should teach her! Kaori is fighting her own battle as well with her health and she’s losing in a bad way. Kaori, who was hopping along spritely in the hospital, suddenly collapsed. Her legs would not move at all. She’s now paralyzed from the waist down. The animation to show her sudden panic and fear was done almost too well. It was hard to watch, as it couldn’t have been more realistic as she was fine one moment then paralyzed the next. Kousei is supposed to be visiting to bring some treats he promised her earlier in this show. It’s gonna be real hard see her like this next week cause now it seems her and his mom are sharing the same fate. She’s too young for this shit! 😡

The Celestial King chained down in Fairy Tail Episode 43

Fairy Tail S2 Episode 43

Erza, Nami, Grey, and Gajeel attack the mad king (yup, I’m calling him that) from the outside while Natsu tears him up from the inside as the King is now fighting to battles inside and out. The crew of Fairy Tail refuse to give in and apparently are limitless on energy as they’re attacks are relentless. Even Nami is proving to be quite strong without her celestial spirits. On the inside, Natsu and Happy cut through all the attacks being thrown at them to find the core. Here Natsu finds the real Celestial King being slowly pulled in by 13 chains which of course represent the spirits. After some useless attacks, Natsu does what Natsu usually does in times of desperation and goes for broke. Jumping right onto the core itself (oddly, not sucked in but able to stand on it) and started sucking in its energy like he sucks in fire. With that being said, I’m starting to notice that Natsu can just suck in anything. #nofucksgiven lol He gains a huge boost of power for his trouble and unleashes a huge move that is most likely never gonna be seen again in this series and destroys the mad King from inside. Once destroyed, the Celestial Realm goes back to nomal and of course, none of the spirits remember anything beyond knowing they did something wrong. They sign new contracts with Lucy to show their appreciation and the Celestial King hands out some words of wisdom along with getting them back home before the time difference kicks in. A decent ending to this arc which to me still seems like a big filler but I’m glad it’s over. Now let’s return to the story of Zeref and the real fight to come, please.

A pissed Doflamingo in One Piece Episode 679

One Piece 679

They finally put poor Usopp down as the pirates rush to destroy the factory. However Diamante and Trebol stand in their path and they are a powerful duo. Sabo finally introduces himself along with his small team consisting of Koala and Hack the fisherman. Sabo is the Chief of Staff in the Revolutionary Army meaning his right under Dragon himself! They are on the island to get to the bottom of the weapons being exported through Dressrosa’s ports and fueling wars around the world. In partifular, they want to know where they are made. Meanwhile in the castle, Luffy is trying to unlock Laws binds but being a devil fruit user he can’t actually be anywhere near the cuffs . lol A laughter rings out in the room as Doflamingo is still alive and very pissed about how his plans have fell apart. Drastic measures must be taken. He’s ready to unleash BirdCage!

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