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This past week was yet again, filled with some great anime. I dove into some new series that just started and there’s a lot of action going in my usual weekly series. From One Piece to Terra Formars to Cross Ange, let’s have a small look at all the anime I watched this week.

Cross Ange screenshot of Ange in her mech finishing off a dragon in Episode 1

Cross Ange Episode 1

Cross Ange is just starting and it’s yet another anime that I got curious about. It starts setting things straight that this is indeed gonna be an action packed anime then quickly slows down to tell you the actual plot. Ange is a 16yr old princess of a kingdom filled with magic users where those who can use magic live comfortable and those who can’t are titled Normas and forced to live away from the city as soldiers. Ange was apart of those who lived comfortable till she was exposed to actual be a Norma who was protected by her parents (the queen and king) who pulled out all the stops to spare their daughter from her inevitable fate. You typical segregation plot thing but with the enemy being mythical creatures (don’t know if dragons are the only enemy) and they’re weapons being large awesome looking mechs, I’m definitely keeping an eye on this one. Just hope it doesn’t have a terrible twisted love story like Buddy Complex. 🙄

Naruto Shippuden screenshot of Naruto and his father with both halves of Kurama bumping fist to join powers

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 380

Naruto and his father, Minato finally combined their strengths and their Jinchuruki. That’s right, Naruto’s father actually held the other half of Kurama in him instead of putting him whole inside his son. Which means the Nine-Tails was damn strong before he was sealed if you think about all the damage just half of him has done with Naruto. Thanks to their power together they avoided Obito’s attack which could’ve easily wiped out all life for miles. That’s crazy and this episode was awesome!

Shingeki No Bahamut screenshot of Demons and Humans attacking Bahamut with amazing summons in Episode 1

Shingeki No Bahamut:Genesis Episode 1

Shingeki No Bahamut is an anime set in a time where demons and humans used to be sworn enemies till forced to band together to defeat the almighty Bahamut. No, this is not a Final Fantasy anime (at least I don’t think) but if Square ever did another Final Fantasy series they better take note on how awesome and terrifying Bahamut looks in this. In this show, we’re introduced to 2 crazy bounty hunters, Kaisar Lidfard and Favaro Leone. Kaisar is trying to kill Favaro for forcing him to be a bounty hunter after somehow causing him to lose all his family fortune. Favaro doesn’t care about anything and just wants to get his bounties, his money, and his women. Apparently, he also does it in that order. Things get real interesting when a powerful demon loses her way and turns to Favaro to guide her home. Only problem with that is Favaro doesn’t actually know how to get her home but she doesn’t know that….yet. I really want to like this anime but old school animation combined with modern animation is not really hitting home for me. One second it looks like a Disney movie, next minute it looks like a bad ass video game I want to play. It’s really toying with my emotions. 🙁

Sword Art Online 2 screenshot of  Sinon holding a gun in the real world finally in  episode 14

Sword Art Online II Episode 14

This episode was all about them feels and I enjoyed every minute of it except I didn’t get my “Kirito kicking ass” scene like I wanted.*cough*bullshit*cough* Sinon finally got the peace she so badly needed and Laughing Coffin was stopped again but they left a message to let us know that most likely them and this series might be far from over. Even though that is a good thing, all signs are pointing to this being the last episode! 😥 If it is, I enjoyed this series but I pray it isn’t.

Tarra Formars screenshot of Komachi and Michelle standing before a TerraFormar

Terra Formars Episode 2

Annex 1 is on its way to mars and everyone is enjoying what could be their last days alive even though it’s obvious that thought is being pushed to back of their minds now. As they approach, more information is revealed about this virus we now know is called the Alien Engine virus which honestly I thought was a lie before. With 20 days till touchdown on Mars, Komachi and Marcos are fooling around near the women’s shower and run right into a terra formar (a.k.a mutated roach) right on the ship! Turns out they were there the whole time and know the plan. Needless to say, cue the gore censorship cause they were NOT happy!


One Piece Episode 664

Operation SOP is finally underway and things are a bit more complicated then the Straw Hats Robin, Usopp, and Franky originally thought. The opponents are strong and the actual factory isn’t just a factory at all but an entire port town hidden underneath the Kingdom. How will they tackle these huge challenges and how will the Soldier who we now know is the former king take on Doflamingo? Things are moving swiftly!

Fairy Tail Episode 27

This was just a filler which is what usually happens when one arc ends and the other begins. In this episode, poor Frosch gets lost and tries to find his way home…for the entire episode. This was a complete drag and got redundant as hell. However, Ichiyi-sama’s “help” had me in tears laughing. 😆 FRESH!!

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