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Esh has had a love for tech and anime since childhood when the only tech was the school library computer and the only anime he knew was Ronin Warriors. In the 90s he learned HTML on the Sega Dreamcast and built his 1st website Volcanic Dragon but now he run’s!

What’s this I actually had time to watch ALL the anime I wanted last week? Well, here goes an article that also usually not so long! I got several anime to talk to you about which includes my bro’s suggestion of Assassination Classroom that I literally binged the first 14 episodes of last week to get caught up and I LOVE IT! This article would include Punch Line but I have yet to see an episode I feel like typing about. -_- Enough rambling, more scrolling!

Disclaimer: No manga is read here. I only read it when the series is over and I know it’s continuing on in the manga and that’s only if I’m interested enough in the story to do that. Most of the time, I’m not.
Note: The video is towards the bottom of the post when it’s ready if you don’t feel like reading but there might be some details here that are not in the video and I always review more anime here than in the video.
Preferred Anime Streaming

Guren holding his demon blade before he unleashes the demon on the class in Seraph of the End Episode 05

Seraph of the End Episode 05

We finally get to see the leader of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army for the first time and we get a quick glimpse at the families that are behind it. Apparently Guren is not a part of a family that’s well respected. After a failed surprise attack by Hyakuya which I’m now gonna start calling Yu from now on Guren decides to issue the test for Cursed Gear. The first part of the test was “simple”, stay standing while Guren’s demon is running rampant in the classroom. To no surprise Yu, Yoichi, and Kimizuki (with the help of his desk) were the only ones left standing besides Shinoa who we also learn is a member of the main family line of the army. The teacher of the class was skeptical about Yoichi being strong enough to form a contract with a demon. Guren quickly had Yoichi make up his own mind on whether he wanted to go forward or not. We end with everyone in the room where the remaining sacred gear was stored and the final part of the test is set to begin. Things have been a little slow in this anime so hopefully they start to pick up with everyone receiving their cursed gear and the vampires declaring war on the humans.
Vize standing with the black trigger Organon in the middle of the empty street in World Trigger Episode 28

World Trigger Episode 28

Konami races off to keep the neighbors out of the urban area while Reiji finally shows why they call him the super all-rounder as he’s left alone to toe off with the 2 Aftokrator soldiers, Viza and Hyuse. His tactics successfully held them at bay forcing Viza to unleash his powerful black trigger Organon which cut Reiji in half. This upset Youtarou as he clues us in the Reiji actually had a much stronger weapon called Full Arms which he was certain would have guaranteed Reiji’s victory had he used it…whatever it is. Enedora turns things up a few notches and invades Border HQ to the annoyance of his commander. Jin and Kuga finally make it to Osamu and the Rank C agents, just in time to face Viza and Hyuse who were about to abduct the little ones. It seems we’re gonna be bombarded with fight after fight for a little bit and I like it!
Marcia turns in to a wanderer and her eyes turn orange and  a glowing blue as she stares down a child in Plastic Memories Episode 05

Plastic Memories Episode 05

Tsukasa and Isla are caught in a dangerous situation when Marcia is abducted by a black market retriever with only 24hrs before she becomes a wanderer. All teams spread out across the city to search for her. Their hunt forces them to work with their rival group R. Security who doesn’t see giftias as anything more than robots. Marcia escapes her captor and runs into Tsukasa but its too late. She becomes a wanderer and snatches Souta. She takes him to the rooftop then after another failed attempt to stop herself she starts to choke Souta forcing Tsukasa to use the weapon that will destroy her memories and shut her down but Isla runs right in the middle of the blast.
The Second Samurai Kin'emon appears in One Piece Episode 691

One Piece Episode 691

The coliseum fighters push forward but Doflamingo’s executives won’t simply be brushed aside. Kin’emon finally finds his friend Kanjuro, the Second Samurai. This odd looking fellow has the power to draw what he likes with his brush and it comes to life! This power becomes is a life saver for everyone who is stuck in the scrap heap below the city. Cavendish literally cuts a path all the way to fourth level but then they run into an unforeseen road block. A group of evil looking puppets!
Queen of Monomania introduces herself as she looks back at you in Kekkai Sensen Episode 05

Kekkai Sensen Episode 05

Today on Leo’s crazy ass adventures a.k.a Kekkai Sensen, Leo and Mr. Zapp are chased by a gigantic Demon Truck which so happens to also be the base of the Queen of Monomania who conveniently kidnapped Leo and proceeded to traumatize him with a horrific love story of how she bound the 2 men she loved together by blood LITERALLY! Now those 2 men have learned to work together with the 1 being the one who can still walk around and the other literally being his blood that can transform into living armor when they need to fight. Those same men work together with Libra to send the Queen and her truck flying across the sky out of Hellsalem’s Lot. Of course, they also save Leo but no one was to concerned about that. 😆
Both Tohrus stand in front the TimeKeepers and listen to how their worlds were destroyed in Gunslinger Stratos Episode 05

Gunslinger Stratos Episode 05

Both Tohrus made it to the end game at the same time, so the TimeKeepers gave both of them the energy cubes that were originally meant for only one team. We finally hear the backstory to how this cruel game started and why the disease known as Degradation happens in the first place. Turns out the usual story of humanity being too smart for our own good is the cause. 10yrs from now we invent time warp technology that bridges the gap between two worlds, allowing us to travel between the two. The technology quickly sparks a war between the two worlds and we end up destroying both. Degradation is the result of both worlds now having no future and to matters worse time is now screwed up cause of the time warp technology. Now the Time Keepers are trying to make things right through the power of the energy cubes but the catch there’s isn’t enough to save both worlds. The solution to this is to have them battle out in a death match and the winner gets to live. The story is definitely a bit better now but I’m still not a fan.
The whole Bush Dog Platoon holds their guns in air as the crazy commander orders in Grisaia no Rakuen Episode 03

Grisaia no Rakuen Episode 03

Yuuji continues tellhis story to JB. Now we’re at the funeral for his friend Danny, Yuuji tells us the story of his old friend and the time they spent together as soldiers in the Bush Dog platoon. This platoon field with some odd characters became another family to him. Daniel Born, Milliela Stanfield, and Robert Wallson and platoon leader, Justin Mikemeyer. Thanks to Justin, Yuuji learns to conquer his fear of shooting the living by wanting to keep his squad alive. I want punch the man responsible for some of these names. -_-
Kazuya Soga in his cell but somehow still connected to the net in Ghost in the Shell Arise - Alternative Architecture Episode 05

Ghost in the Shell Arise – Alternative Architecture Episode 05

As I said they might in the last This Week In Anime, we continue the story of how Motoko got her team together. Kazuya Soga is a war hero turned into a criminal almost overnight as an obvious attempt to shut him up. As revenge on the country that betrayed him, Soga hatched a plot which will open up Japan’s most secret database, Pandora and Batou is helping him. Kazuya will use the information as leverage to take over Japan itself. Motoko joins forces with Special Agent VV in order to connect the dots and figure out how to stop him. Things get serious enough for Public Security to give Motoko’s soon to be team, top priority. She waste no time gathering the ones she needs around her and coming up with a plan of attack. Poor Logicoma is pushed by Motoko’s impatience and it’s quite funny. Unfortunately, Motoko fell into a trap by Kazauya before she could even get into his base.
Nagisa stand before I giant green monster  in Assassination Classroom Episode 15

Assassination Classroom Episode 15

Koro-sensei has finally finished prepping the kids of Class 3-E for the final exams which chairman Asano has every intention of making them fail. The top 5 geniuses of the school which includes his son, Gakushuu have gathered the brightest in the school known as the Accelerated A Class in order to completely eliminate Class E’s chances of having in any top scores in the exams. Furthermore Chairman Asano has had the exams questions beefed up to further impede them from their goal. A curved ball has been thrown however, Gakushu is catching on to his father’s secret about the what’s going on with Class E but he’s not quite sure yet. Thanks to a bet made earlier in the show by his peers, he plans to use the exams to force the students of Class E to tell him what’s going on.
Shapur is shot in the head with an arrow and given merciful death by his comrades in Arslan Senki Episode 05

Arslan Senki Episode 05

Arslan convinces Lord Narsus to join him and Daryun by promising him a position as Court Painter when he returns to Pars. A thought that would make most men with working eyeballs cringe since most believe his paintings to be rather horrid. With Kharlan’s men hunting for them and the Lusitanian Army barreling down on the Kingdom of Pars, Arslan sits in a cave with Daryun, Elam, and Lord Narsus strategizing on how they can turn things around. Arslan listens to Narsus’ wisdom and heeds his warning of following the same path as his father who used war to solve all his problems without a second thought cause he believed himself unbeatable. Back at the gate of Pars, Shapur was taken prisoner and put on display to force the soldiers of Pars to watch him be tortured but Gieve, a traveling musician and womanizer uses his bow and arrow to give Shapur a merciful death. The queen rewards his actions but it’s too early to celebrate as the soldiers of Lusitania empowered the slaves of Pars with words which gave them the strength to rise up against their masters. Now the real fight begins.

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