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This past week was interesting indeed. I have to say the thing that stood out the most this week besides the excitement of Psycho Pass return is the terrible censoring in Terra Formars which seems permanent through out the series. I watch anime not only for the awesome action and fantasy series but also for its more adult and gruesome series as well. I don’t care for Looney Tune cartoons. I want to watch ANIME. There’s a difference and hardcore anime like Terra Formars with dark plots are where you see it clearly. I might not like to “kill’em all” type stories that much but when I watch these series I remember why I started watching anime in the 1st place. The fact that they dubbed down the series in a terrible fashion with all the heavy ugly censoring is ridiculous. I can’t wait for this series to come out on DVD and Blu Ray so I can watch in it’s pure intended form. Okay, enough with the rant let’s take at the rest of the anime I saw this week.

Cross Ange Genesis screenshot of Dragon at the end of Episode 2

Cross Ange:Genesis Episode 2

Ange continues rebelling against her grim reality in Cross Ange:Genesis this week but nonetheless her commander places her in the First Troop which apparently is similar to putting her on the front line to fight. Fast forward a little bit and Ange is all trained up, almost raped up 😯 , and ready for the field and she even manages to make a friend but she still longs for home and the 1st chance she gets while on her 1st mission outside, she bolts. Turns out that decision was actually worse for others than for her and now she’s face to face with her first dragon. This series is kicking it up fast!

Naruto Shippuden screenshot of the top of the Divine Tree in Episode 381

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 381

In true “you know this anime is gonna be over soon” fashion, Naruto shows his ultimate form of combining both his Sage and Junchirikki forms for massive power but it still wasn’t enough to break Obito’s shield. As they try to come up with another attack Obito quickly moves into the last phase of his plan & resurrects the divine tree to take back the chakra of all the shinobi. Turns out, the tree is where all chakra came from in the 1st place! Another great episode as Naruto Shippuden and the Naruto series in general pushes towards the finally.

Psycho Pass 2 screenshot of Inspector Tsunemori and the Enforcers in Episode 1

Psycho-Pass 2 Episode 1

I didn’t think it possible but sure enough, Psycho-Pass is back and it looks like its gonna pick up right where it left off. Inspector Akane Tsunemori apparently has been leading Division 1 for awhile now with Ginoza (the former leader in Season 1) backing her up as an enforcer. There’a also some new faces, an enforcer that reminds me of Season 1’s main protagonist (wondering if he’ll show up) and a new Inspector who in the end doesn’t seem to see eye to eye with Akane. Together they take down the Season’s first criminal, a crazy ass bomber who honestly, has every right to be angry with the twisted Sibyl system which is still in power. I started watching the first season not knowing what to expect now I have high expectation for this new season! 🙂

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso screenshot of Tsubaki, Kousei, and Sumiya walking  in Episode 1

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 1

This kind of anime is usually not my thing but I’m always looking for new things to watch so why not? Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is about a young pianist and his friends. After a great piano melody, the 1st episode take us on the usual introduction of all the main characters with our pianist , Kousei being bust in the head with a baseball hit by childhood friend, Tsubaki (why is this name used so much?). As the story goes, Tsubaki ran into Kousei years ago when he was playing on stage but unfortunately that same year the person Kousei was playing for, his mother died and the sadness forced him to stop playing the piano right in the middle of the song. It’s been a few years since then and now Tsubaki seems to have more than just a friendly interest in Kousei but Kousei may have ran into the love of his life, a violinist, Kaori Miyazono and it’s Tsubaki’s fault. Now whether there is a love triangle blooming or not is anyone’s guess but this episode sure hints at it. I might keep up with this for a little while but I’m not sure a romantic drama anime can hold my attention. I’m more into drama like Gankutsuou aka The Count of Monte Cristo. Oh yeah! 🙂

Terra Formars  screenshot of a roach ripping off one off a head in Episode 3

Terra Formars Episode 3

This week, Terra Formars continued on its dark road with more gruesome death and despair as Annex 1 is forced into a crash landing on Mars. The crew moves into Plan Delta which launches them in escape pods in separate directions across Mars but not all of them make safe landings. The roaches being on the ship long before obviously knew of all their plans and so of course, they appeared almost everywhere the separate pods landed to ambush the crew on-board. As I’ve said before, the ugly censoring that’s being done on these shows is truly annoying but now it seems it’s turning into “let’s watch everyone die” type anime which unless the story becomes as good Fate Zero, I don’t think it’s gonna be as entertaining. I’ll continue to keep up on it none the less. Let’s hope this story gets better. Hell, the story would be 10x better if they just stop the damn censoring. 😡

Anime Mentions

Sword Art Online II Episode 14.5

Not every day you see a recap episode for most anime series but I guess they felt we needed one. If for whatever reason you have 30min to waste and want to get a quick recap of the awesome 14 episodes of Sword Art Online II, then episode 14.5 will do just that.

Fairy Tail Episode 28

The fillers are rolling in as many predicted and this week was all about….pool. Yeah, I’m just as “thrilled” as you. 😐 Anyways, fillers are not just for filling the gaps between arcs but also filling the holes in many of the main characters back stories. This filler tells us how Bisca Mulan, the cowboy girl magician, came to be a member of the Fairy Tail. A little bit of action, a little tug on the heart strings, and we’re done.

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