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Nothing like binge watching anime for a few days then typing up an article about them on Sunday. It’s Terra Formars with no censoring, Psycho Pass villain is revealed, and in Sword Art Online II, Kirito comes face to face with the King of the Frost Giants! This Week In Anime #5 is here!

Screenshot of Captain Salia serious face in Cross Ange Episode 4

Cross Ange:Genesis Episode 4

Ange continues battling demons as she becomes a lone ranger of sorts on and off the battlefield with enemies around every corner. Killing dragons in the air and thwarting the last of Zola’s true fans(hoes) who want to avenge her death which is for all intents and purposes Ange’s fault. I also believe a part of her is still battling the fact that she’s a Norma. Despite Captain Salia’s orders, Hilda takes it up a notch by sabotaging Ange’s para-mail, VillKiss and sends her into the ocean! The team is forced to leave her as the dragon comes through the portal (don’t wanna end up like Zola after all) and Ange ends up waking up tied up in the bed with some strange man. In other words, the next episode is intro for a new male character or another almost rape scene. It’s likely just a new character….hopefully.

Screenshot of Akari after taking the medicine in Terra Formars Episode 5

Terra Formars Episode 5

More bug killings ensure as the team fights their way out of the corner the roaches put them in using the little bit of medicine they have left. They have to use it sparingly but the roaches won’t let up. As they finally succeed in capturing a few, a new breed of roach appears from the water and the sky. Michelle is dragged under, leaving Akari and the rest of Bugs 2 to fend for themselves. It looks like more deaths are coming for them in the next episode which means more terrible censoring. None of that in this episode though, since it was the bugs turn to die. Keep killing them cockroaches! 😈 Side note: You can now get uncensored version of past shows from your preferred anime fansub site. Mines is HorribleSubs!

Screenshot of Inspector Mizue Shisui and Kirito Kamui

Psycho-Pass 2 Episode 3

Our villain finally has a name and Inspector Tsunemori continues to investigate how that writing got on her wall in the previous show and her subordinate Inspector Shimotsuki, continues to lose faith in her as a result. However, just as we discussed last week, crazy people with clear hues are popping up all over and one of them is beating the crap out of Inspector Aoyanagi! Kamui’s plan is finally kicking off and so far Sibyl has not caught up to him and it seems it won’t be for as long as he knows how to keep his hue clear no matter what.

Screenshot of the King of the Frost Giants in Sword Art Online 2 Episode 16

Sword Art Online II Episode 16

Kirito and the crew charged forward into the dungeon which inevitably leads to Thryme, King of the Frost Giants but they run into a trapped damsel in distress along the way. Despite the crew’s worry of it being a trap, Klein can’t ignore his bushido way(penis) and rescues her. Turns out he might have been right cause that damsel is Freyja, a powerful mage who was supposed to marry the king but refused. She used a spell to increase their max HP which they needed since the King at the end of the dungeon has 3 HP bars! I love how the anime has returned to the MMO style we loved from the 1st season with swords, magic, and crazy monsters. 🙂

Screenshot of the dark celestial spirits in Fairy Tail Episode 30

Fairy Tail Episode 30

It seems we’re heading into an unexpected arc; at least it is for me. I was expecting the arc where Fairy Tail squares off with Zeref coming sometime soon but not a battle between Fairy Tail and the Celestial Spirits and not just any spirits either. The enemy is the very same spirits that have been by Lucy’s side since the beginning! They’ve dawned a whole new look and attitude which includes erasing their memories of Lucy the one who they had a contract with in order to obtain “freedom”. Even Aquarius, has turned on her and now looks like a child. Leon has some new nice looking armor as well. We still don’t know how all this came about but I can’t wait to find out!

Anime Mentions

One Piece Episode 666

Luffy and the gang are still trying to break into Doflamingo’s hideout. Now that they’ve teamed up with Violet, they don’t have to go getting themselves killed with Luffy’s usual headstrong plan and snuck quietly through an old escape route that Violet knew cause it turns she’s apart of original Royal family! The excitement keeps rising as General Fujitora reveals his goal of doing away with the Seven Warlord system which has been used a protection for the most powerful of pirates for years. Not surprising seeing as Doflamingo has proven that he belongs at the bottom of Impel Down, not sitting on a high horse like he is right now. Franky has his hands full with Senor Pink, Vise, and now the damn Navy. He just can’t catch a break. This show just narrowly missed being displayed up above! I’m looking forward to the next few shows!

Akame Ga Kill Episode 17

The Night Raid held off Kurome and her puppets without causalities but this anime is known for incredibly sad surprises. Chelsea takes out Bol and then takes on Kurome herself! Turns out Kurome and Akame were given some kind of drug that makes them very hard to kill! The show ended up with one more dead boody after Bol. Their head put on display in the middle of town to send a message. Damn! 😯

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