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This week I had an extra day off and wouldn’t ya know my life revolves so much around the PC that I spent the day mostly on it, watching anime. I have a great life I promise! 🙄 This week I watched quite a few new anime and I’m gonna share these with you this week. Of course, you’re gonna get a blast of the usual top weekly anime as well. I will say, that nothing is more terrible than falling in love with a woman only to find out she’s actually man than to add insult to injury she’s “bigger” than you and in Klein’s case this week, WAY BIGGER! 😆

Xiaogang in a violent rage in Karen Senki Episode 6

Karen Senki Episode 6

Karen Senki is an anime done in more of a CGI style like Reboot. Comment if you remember that cartoon. 🙂 This week, X22,friend of Eleanor, meets with Xiaogang but they quickly find out their meeting was a trap for both of them and Xiaogang didn’t take too kindly to that at all. Karen is met with the same problem when she runs into Jay, a high ranking officer in the machine military but when he puts Karen in a corner with his special gun that has homing bullets, Karen introduces him to her little sister, Touka who quickly turns the battle in her favor. The problem I have with this anime is one minute it’s leading me nicely through the story and I get what’s going on, the other minute I’m confused looking at some scene that I don’t know how they got there. It’s kind of all over the place. Nonetheless, it’s supposed to be a real short series so I’ll keep an eye on it.

Akari opening up a can in Terra Formars Episode 6

Terra Formars Episode 6

The odds seemed to be tilting back into the roaches favor. The appearance of the 2 evolved roaches revealed that they had used the bodies of the previous crew in the same fashion that the Bugs 2 crew had used the bodies of insects to strengthen themselves. Then Akari revealed another huge fact, the roaches for all their power and strength are not actually trained to fight. Akari used this against the Grasshopper roach to beat his ass then take back the ship. Michelle used the fact that the cockroaches don’t feel pain in order to break the water ones legs and reach the surface again. Now it’s time for the Russian crew to show off their strength as they must fend for themselves against a small army!

A foot crushing a head in Psycho Pass 2 Episode 4

Psycho-Pass 2 Episode 4

The battle between Inspector Tsunemori vs Kamui continues as the body count rises. Tsunemori is quickly putting together Kamui’s plan but she still doesn’t know his goal. In this episode, Kamui made clear that no one even the Inspectors are safe by turning the Dominators they’ve used without fail to administer merciful and merciless judgment upon society against them. The real problem is most everyone still believes that Kamui doesn’t exist which makes things real difficult for Tsunemori. The series continues to get better!

A picture of the whole main cast as their video game selves from this past arc in Sword Art Online 2 Episode 17

Sword Art Online II Episode 17

Kitoro, Freyja, and the crew continue the fight against Thrym which is quickly turning into survival more than fighting. Freyja informs Kirito that he needs to find her family treasure in order to defeat Thrym, a golden hammer. Once Kirito found the hammer, he gave it to Freyja only for her to reveal her real form a giant man, the Thunder God, Thor! As Thor fought Thrym, the groups struck from all sides repeatedly. One strike from Thor’s hammer after that, finished him. Now Kirito stood before the mighty blade Excalibur but once he removed it, the whole dungeon collapsed. Kirito found the great blade to be too heavy to escape with but Sinon had a remedy for that. In the end, great loot was had by all as the quest was finally complete. Now to find out what the next arc will be about next week!

A neighbor flying over the city in World Trigger Episode 4

World Trigger Episode 4

This is a new anime to me but I watched the first few shows and now I’m ready to talk about the last one. This week, the neighbors attack again this time right in the middle of the city! Unfortunately, Osamu is low on trion due to fighting the Marmods earlier that day which was last week in real time. Lol Kitora will have face the neighbor alone which is just what she prefers but Osamu never giving up, decides to use the little trion he has left to help the people in the city. Upon request from Osamu, Kuga is watching over both of them and lending assistance from afar. Next week, we finally get to see Kitora fight and how the 3 will bring down this neighbor.

Anime Mentions

Cross Ange Episode 5

Ange being Ange takes great offense to our strange friend tying her up and always falling rather awkwardly into her. After returning the favor and leaving him hanging (literally), she tries fending for herself in the forest with no food or emergency tools. To no surprise, she soon finds herself poisoned, hungry, and begging for the dude’s help who was still hanging in the tree (why!?). He rushes to her aid and now you have a strong team of 2 as he teaches her about living in the wild and works on her para-mail as well. Turns out this good lad is Tusk and apparently he used to be a soldier who still has a combat unit of some sorts in an old bunker. At the end of show you see him say his goodbyes to his fallen crew then take off. I’ll give you 2 guesses where he’s heading! 😉 I’ll bet we’ll see more of him next week in Cross Ange!

One Piece Episode 668

It’s final round in the coliseum and Diamante takes the stage for the 1st time in true rock star fashion. Luffy’s friend (Sabo) takes the field as Lucy and he’s not joking around. Super big, and hungry fish be damned, since one of them is swimming with the prize on his back, he’s roweling them up in hopes to get the one with prize out the water right from the start of the match. As Doflamingo watches on unaware of the different Lucy, the alarm goes off and screams that Luffy is on his way to him enraging Doflamingo as the Straw Hats plans start to come together. Since there are so many things going on at once, I’m sure Luffy vs. Doflamingo is not coming for a couple weeks.

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