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This week’s post is late due to all the videos I’m cranking out on the channel. Even though they’re all tech related, please stop by and check’em out. Anime content will soon be going up on the channel as well, I promise. I’m just still deciding how that is going to be done. Anyways, you all know I can’t miss out on my anime no matter what! Let’s chat about the anime this week. Please comment about any anime you watched or your thoughts on the ones I did! 🙂

Seryu Ubiquitous firing two weapons at the same time with extreme prejudice

Akame Ga Kill Episode 19

The Night Raid uses the cover of the city religious festival to make an assault on the capital in an attempt to take Borik’s head. It’s an action packed show with more bodies piling up, as the assault begins with a distraction done by Tatsumi and Mine which pits them against Seryu Ubiquitous (strange last name) and the last of the Four Rakshasa Demons, Suzuka. Meanwhile Leone and Su stormed Minister Borik’s front door and ran into Kurome and Wave. While all that was going on, Akame and Leone made quick work of Borik and his bodyguard, Holimaca. All according to General Najenda’s plan, making this an awesome episode!

Kaori jumping off a birdge  in Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 5

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 5

Another lovely episode from Shigatsu wa Kimi No Uso and I’m patting myself on the back for actually keeping up with a romance drama anime for once. It could just be the music that’s keeping my ADD at bay but I digress. Kaori is still in the hospital from when she passed out on stage in the last episode and of course Kou,Tsubaki, and Watari are there to cheer up their friend by visiting often. Kaori however, doesn’t let Tsubaki and Watari’s silliness distract her from seeing Kou’s sadness over the last performance and pushes him back to the piano again by suckering him into joining a piano competition! Oh snap, he might freak out like he did again but when he’s in the zone the audience will be sent to heaven. Also, what’s this? Tsubaki might have a boyfriend now? I’m kind of excited for the coming shows!

A portable game console being held with the game Hungry Chicken on the screen in Psycho Pass 2 Episode 5

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 5

Kamui finally reveals his goal of wanting to bring Sibly to justice and how does he choose to start? Well, he now has an Inspector who vows to stay by his side, a mysterious person who paraded around as someone else giving speeches who’s apparently a messenger for him, and oh we can’t overlook his latest weapon. A whole army of drones that is controlled by the public via a mobile game called Hungry Chicken. It’s a gotdamn shame when a man goes so far. Why you gotta take the food I love and make it so evil!? 😡 The rollercoaster gets more out of control with each passing week. Freaking awesome!

Shiroe and Akatsuki in the dead world or end game in  Log Horizon Episode 6

Log Horizon S2 Episode 6

Things are heating up as Akatsuki finally asks for help and is about to receive the training and power she badly needs to take on the PK running around town in fancy armor. The part of the show when Akatsuki was “dead” and walking with Shiroe was a great part for me with beautiful visuals. The end of show of however was quite interesting. As Krusty and Sansa were inspecting a possible training ground for Goblins, her weapon Disaster (a name that always brings good 🙄 ) , started to react again but this time it went full out nuts and surrounded Sansa in what seem to be a weird portal or it might even have been attacking her cause when Krusty pushed her out of it, it took him and Sansa’s arm! Gotdamn! 😯

Jin sitting on top his fresh neighbor kills in World Trigger Episode 5

World Trigger Episode 5

This week in World Trigger Kitora finally stopped the neighbor…or so she thought. Now that the neighbor no longer has the strength to fight, it’s committing suicide right in the middle of the city! As Kitora struggles to find a way to stop it, Kuga comes up with a plan to lend a hand without being seen, putting the Ilgar down in the river. Meanwhile, Osamu continues evacuating everyone he can. Many were thankful, some were not. Like the higher-ups at Border who gave him a tongue lashing for his actions at the school. However, thanks to S-Rank a.k.a Power Elite agent Yuichi Jin, Osamu is out of how water for now but unfortunately he’s landed right in the eye of A-Rank agent, Shuji Miwa who is convinced that Osamu is in contact with a neighbor. Even worse, the commander of Border gave Miwa the order to kill if he finds proof of his beliefs! Looks like Osamu and Kuga might have to deal with an A-rank Border agent without making matters worse somehow. Yes! 😈

Anime Mentions

Cross Ange:Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo Episode 6

This week’s episode on Cross Ange, was a bit of a slow one since it was actually about her maid Momoka. That’s right, the maid somehow managed to make it to the island and snuck in before she was caught, all to see her master and friend. The silliness starts when she quickly realizes that Ange is no longer the princess she once knew and tries to return her to the old royal ways. In the end, right before they were about to kill her due to being a human (apparently Norma are not considered human) that knows about the Dragons and what the Norma are used for, Ange bought her with the money she got from killing all the dragons on her last run. That’s just damn crazy!

Sword Art Online II Episode 18

Kirito takes a backseat this episode as Asuna and the girls chat about past events and bring us into the new arc which has something to do with a powerful swordsman nicknamed Zekken who apparently might be stronger than Kirito! Asuna also chats a little about her troubles in the world, being a part of a wealthy family. I like how this series is moving swiftly along!

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