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Here we go! Another week of awesome anime! Let’s chat a little about the anime episodes that showed this past week!

Screenshot of Asuna with her serious face as she changes her fighting stance in the anime Sword Art Online Episode 19

Sword Art Online Season 2 Episode 19

Now with my doubts of 15C being so cold that you’re blowing smoke out your moth as the beginning of this episode would lead you to believe, let’s get right into the overview. After Asuna finished arguing with her mother who apparently was colder than her room that day, it was time for her to face Zekken, this powerful warrior who showed up out of nowhere. When Asuna and the gang showed up both she and I was a little thrown off to see that the powerful warrior who bested Kirito was actually a cute girl which of course forced Asuna to place all her frustration aside that Kirito might’ve thrown the fight and postpone his ass whooping till her fight was over. As far as the fight goes, it was AMAZING! Asuna spends so much time in the background playing her white mage roll that her actual sword skills are overlooked by everyone but Kirito of course, who had the biggest smile on his face when Asuna got serious. However, Zekken was satisfied with Asuna skills and didn’t even end the fight instead she asked for Asuna’s help!? I can’t wait for the next show to see why Zekken was searching for someone on her level.

Screenshot of Adolf with lighting all over his body in the anime TerraFormars Episode 8

TerraFormars Episode 8

This episode was all about Adolf, his power, and his sadness. It was all about them feels as you saw his caged life, being a lab rat for the military for most of it. Then he found love and that turned to shit too. We also get to see Isabella fight as well but she didn’t get much screen time and from how cocky she is, I’m not confident she’s gonna be around long. To make matters worse, the Russian crew has several non-combat members, the only fighters being Adolf and Isabella and as luck would have it, the crew gets forced into a trap with HUNDREDS of roaches waiting on them. The next episode is either gonna be a massacre of another bugs crew or a truly epic victory. Somehow, I’m not getting my hopes about the victory judging from the previous shows. 😮

Screenshot of Kamui aiming a dominator at an inspector in the anime Psycho Pass 2 Episode 6

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 6

The Tsunenomri finally catches on to Kamui’s plan and team reacts quickly shut the game down. Several inspectors and enforcers are killed, especially with Kamui running around with a dominator executing panicking Inspectors in an instant. The quickest way to solve the video game problem was to reveal to the public the lives they’ve took which immediately clouds half the city’s Psycho-Passes. Kamui keeps throwing the Inspectors awesome curve balls every single show!

Screenshot of Akatsuki charging at Nelreth the murderer in the anime Log Horizon S2 Episode 7

Log Horizon S2 Episode 7

Rieze reveals to Henrietta what happened to Krusty then right after Henrietta gets hit with the news of the flavor text of random items becoming reality. I didn’t speak on this last week but this was revealed in the last episode. Flavor text is the back story of items such as weapons, armor, and even potions. Most of the time, it really doesn’t mean anything and is just a nice little read for the player. However, now that the flavor text is directly affecting the player’s thoughts, the flavor text of special items like weapon Raid drops can be one big mind fuck since they have huge back stories and many of them rather dark. Reize and Akatsuki have finally realized that it’s the flavor text of the murderer, Nelreth’s sword that’s the actual problem which lead Rieze to form a rather crazy plan around it. The plan calls for a huge 24 member team and for Princess Lenessia to turn off the magic supply to the city which will leave it defenseless against outside monsters! One one hand, the crew can’t defeat the murderer while he has the ability to teleport all over the city using the magic supply but on the other hand turning off the supply might trigger an endless war against the beast outside the city that’ll be able to come in. Turning it up even further, Tatara the shop keeper might have a special blade just for Akatsuki. It is only Episode 7. Damn!

Jin petting Yuma on the head in the anime World Trigger Episode 6

World Trigger Episode 6

Osamu and Jin meet Yuma for the 1st time and we finally learn what Jin’s “Side-Effect” is. He can see into someone’s future! I’m not exactly sure if that’s an awesome or terrible power. I’m pretty sure it’s a little of both. Yuma being the only one who ever knows what’s going on when it comes to neighbors (ya know, cause he is one and all), figures out the adnormal gates are being opened and how to stop it. Jin quickly rallies all the border agents at his disposal and raids the city hunting for the little neighbors creating the gates. After hunting them all down Osamu gets promoted to agent rank B and dawns some new threads and skills that he can’t completely control yet. Oh it’s not over yet, we finally meet the little lady Osamu been training to protect, Chika. Turns out Osamu arranged for a meeting between the 3 of them to ask for Yuma’s help. Chika has the strange ability to attract neighbors! That would be a certain deal break for a relationship.

Anime Mentions

Cross Ange:Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo Episode 7

Ange got into it with the captain after yet another battle where she took all the kills and so all the money. Captain has had it with everyone’s selfishness but doesn’t really know what to do. After that scuffle with Ange in the shower, Ange falls ill and use able to head out with the team on the next mission which of course goes south due to the other selfish members. The Dragon is question has never been seen before and so it automatically has a high price on its head if taken down. Everyone is starving for money due to Ange’s solo acts up till now so they went in against captain’s order only to get the team pinned down and a sick Ange has to come to the rescue but not before getting set straight by the captain. In other words, not much happened in the show but a lot happened.

Karen Senki Episode 8

As usual, Karen Senki jumps from a robot working in waste management admiring plants to Karen getting into trouble with her freshly “almost” repaired bike and what does she do? She gets into fight with robots that night and wrecks it so she has to go kill more robots for parts. Now when she flies off and finds some poor robotic bastards to salvage her sister who up until now has not had her own will and was following Karen’s commands just popped out her chest on her own and started destroying the robots then refusing to take orders from her big sis anymore! This anime is…interesting to say the least.

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