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This week was jam packed with all kinds of personal stuff with family to launching my first re-design Real Rootz Apparel. I had very little time to watch my beloved anime. 😥 However, nothing will stop me! I had to can the mentions due to time. None the less, let’s have a chat about the anime I watched this week like (literally yesterday) in This Week In Anime #9. 🙂

Yuuki and the Sleeping Nights about to battle another guild in Sword Art Online S2 Episode 20

Sword Art Online Season 2 Episode 20

Asuna take the lead as she joins Yuuki and the Sleeping Nights for a Boss Raid. Misfortune, follows them however as their fights were spied on. In order to beat the bosses quicker without actually doing any work, some guilds would spy on others fights to get down the boss’s attack patterns. The freeloaders even tried to block Asuna and the others from the boss room but Yuuki wasn’t having that. Before you know it, the Sleeping Nights was ready for a PvP battle and right when they seemed outnumbered, like a knight in shining armor, Kirito shows up to back his woman. It just got real!

Adolf giving the roaches the finger before his last attack in Terra formars Episode 9

Terra Formars Episode 9

Adolf and his team continue to fight against the relentless assault. However, in an odd turn of events a superior among the roaches (who also looked like stroke victim) showed up and immediately ordered the army to push forward and kill Adolf and right when you thought they did a flash of Adolf’s sadness and anger goes across the screen. We come back to Adolf sitting amongst burnt ass corpses (imagine that stinch 😮 ). Despite the daunting numbers, Adolf is holding his own somehow but his energy eventually forces him to go down tired and on the brink of death. His crew of non-combatants (members with bug powers that’s can’t be used in battle) rushed to his aid despite their fear and weakness. Blood flows as the crew is beaten on and quickly overpowered but right before the end Adolf has one last surge of energy to save his crew at all costs including his life. He uses a huge dose of the medicine to cover the field in lightening. I would like to think that not a single roach survived especially with that awesome ending but we’ll see next week if that odd stroke-victim one is still there.

Wendy and Aquarius arguing in Fairy Tail S2 Episode 34

Fairy Tail Season 2 Episode 34

Fairy Tail vs. the Celestial Spirits continues and things are still looking kind of grim. Cana struggles with Scorpio in an unusual one-sided card game with unknown rules. Wendy is being toyed with in an amusement park with Aquarius. Natsu is getting the crapped kicked out of him by Leo but out of nowhere a green fire blast sends Natsu flying. What was that? Meanwhile, Wendy continues to plead with Aquarius to stop her destructive games which always consist of pulling out her oversize jar and using it like a cannon turning the amusement park into a parking lot quickly. Once Aquarius put Wendy in a tight spot on the ferris wheel, Natsu came falling out the sky! How the hell did he get there? 😯 Oddly enough, turns out Aquarius is not actually trying to be mean but in her kid like form she looks at Wendy as a friend to play with. Wendy finally gets through to Aquarius and is able to use her key to send her back. Next week is all about the card game between Cana and Scorpio. With all that being said, I still feel like this arc is a long filler series that just seems unnecessary. -_-

Aiza Igawa and Kousei meeting for the first time in seven years in Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 7

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 7

The Maihou competition is about to begin and Kosei is feeling the pressure but coping with it little by little. Watari and Tsubaki have finished their last sport competitions junior high students and are now looking forward to their high school life. Kousei is only the one left to try be a star before high school and this competition is where he has to do it. Only problem with that is being star or making huge waves is not something he cares about. For him, this is all about finding out who he is and the 1st step to that is to make this Chopin piece his own. This competition is even more important to two particular competitors who lost to Kousei 7 years ago and have been waiting for their chance to get “revenge” per say. Takeshi Aiza and Emi Igawa are amazing pianist who hoping to get Kousei’s attention and it’s finally time for Aiza who won last years’ Maihou competition to take the stage. This might not be an action anime but it somehow feels that way and things are heating up!

Mine and Tatsumi kissing for the first and last time in Akame ga Kill Episode 21

Akame Ga Kill! Episode 21

The show was all about saving Tatsumi which meant even more with Lubbock’s death. Mine pulled out all the stops as she went toe to toe with the Commander-In-Chief and his Thunder Imperial Arms. Najenda and Susanoo took on the ungodly strong General Esdeath. Meanwhile, Akame went after Tatsumi’s Imperial Arms relentlessly leaving bodies and blood in her wake. Unfortunately, Mine won her battle but like Lubbock it came at a great cost. Esdeath’s power could not be overcome even by Susanoo’s Magatama Manifestation. In the end, Najenda was forced to almost use up all her life just to give Susanoo enough power for her and the rest of the Night Raid to escape. Tis, a dark day once again for the Night Raid, I mean they really dropping like flies. According the previews, Akame finally faces her sister in a one on one match! YES!

Anime Mentions

Sorry! None this week. Ran out of time. 🙁

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