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Esh has had a love for tech and anime since childhood when the only tech was the school library computer and the only anime he knew was Ronin Warriors. In the 90s he learned HTML on the Sega Dreamcast and built his 1st website Volcanic Dragon but now he run’s!

This Week had some good moments, some GREAT moments, and also some things that left me scratching my head. Nonetheless, there was some really good shows that we can’t go without talking about like the Sword Art Online II and the Akame Ga Kill episodes which really blew me away this week. Let’s have a chat about all the anime I watched this week! The video is at the bottom of the article!

Screenshot of Yuuki in her hospital bed in the Medicuboid in Sword Art Online II Episode 22

Sword Art Online Season 2 Episode 22

My God, the feels on this one, it was almost too much for even me. Asuna with the help of the great Kirito finally found Yuuki in the real world….in a hospital. Yuuki’s doctor sat down with her to speak about Yuuki’s situation. We now get our questions answered about who Yuuki is and later we also learn about the Sleeping Knights, how they formed, why they were disbanding, and why Yuuki has been avoiding Asuna since she tearfully logged out last week. Yuuki along with the rest of the Sleeping Knights are terminally ill patients who are able to access the virtual world through an experimental machine called Medicuboid. Medicuboid allows for patients to literally live in the virtual world for extended periods of time. Yuuki hasn’t been in the real world past the bed she lies in for 3 years! In that time, a few of the Sleeping Knights have passed on along with Yuuki’s twin sister and former guild leader of the Sleeping Knights, Aiko. The misfortunes don’t stop there cause both her parents passed away as well, leaving her with no one but her friends in the virtual world who are a part of the same experiment and in time they will pass on as well. In light of things, the guild decided to make one final memory as proof of their existence, getting their names etched on that monument for all time. This is the reason they sought help from someone as strong as them, who turned out to be Asuna. Now with all being said, Asuna stands before Yuuki listening to her dreams which one of them was to go to school. Next week is gonna be interesting cause Asuna thinks there’s a way this can happen! Now considering he’s been able to bring Yui to school with his insane programming skills, I think we know who Asuna is referring to. 😉

Screenshot of the Astral Trinity in Trinity Seven Episode 9

Trinity Seven Episode 9

Sora reveals that the reason behind the school’s odd undamaged appearance is due to it being placed in a barrier by Hiriji’s grimoire, Iliya. Iliya wastes no time separating the team, by attacking the group as soon as they enter the school. The team quickly finds out that the barrier did more than just cut the school off from life itself but also their magic. Unable to fight, Sora’s steps in to give the 2 time to get somewhere safe. Arata deduced that the barrier had to have a source of power somewhere on the island. After a few moments of well-placed backstory and comedy, they reach the source only to find Sora captive and Iliya waiting for them. Things heat up as Iliya tries to kill Mira in front of Arata and makes Arata go beserk and by “beserk”, I mean transform! An angered Arata lost control of himself, and his powers transformed him into the true form of the Demon Canidate inside, an entity known as The Astral Trinity. 😯 I feel a can is about to be opened next week but we’ll see!

Screenshot of Jin smiling after rejecting Director Kido in World Trigger Episode 9

World Trigger Episode 9

Just as I thought, Jin indeed had a plan to avoid the execution order handed down by the Commander Kido. Agents can only follow orders given by the commander of their faction to avoid duplication of orders. It also turns out that Border has been split for a while. 3 factions within Border have three different views on neighbors and don’t see eye to eye. Jin’s commander, Rindo, decided to give the same order to Jin in agreement with the Director Kido BUT he left how he would handle the retrieval of the trigger up to Jin. Technically, this means Jin could kill Kuga but everyone knows that’s not the only way to achieve that goal which angered Director Kido. Then Osamu tells the heads of Border everything he knows about Kuga and where he came from which throws them for a loop. It turns out Kuga’s father is most likely Kuga Yugo which was one of the founders of Border! All that aside, Director Kido will not easily back off his plans to kill Kuga and take the Black trigger. Next week, we see what teams Kido will use to defeat Kuga and take his trigger.

Screenshot of the imperial arms Shikoutazer towering over the kingdom in Akame ga Kill Episode 23

Akame Ga Kill Episode 23

This one was far from hitting me in the feels but it indeed hurt my feelings. The Night Raid embarked on its final mission. The plan is straight forward. Storm the Kingdom, kill Minister Onest, overthrow the Emperor but in true Night Raid fashion nothing ever comes easy for them. Tatsumi and Akame was given the most important of these 3 jobs, killing Minister Onest who controls the Emperor with a silver tongue. Just as things seemed to be going according plan and Tatsumi had the minister in his sights. The Minister pulls his trump card out, Shikoutazer, a powerful Imperial Arms that can only controlled by one of royal blood. Obviously, it was meant to protect the people but instead the minister convinced the child emperor to use it against the Night Raid and the city in general. Hundreds upon hundreds were gone in an instant when the emperor unleashed its power on an innocent town towards the edge of the kingdom. Tatsumi was enraged that the emperor would take things so far and involve the innocent civilians. Wave being someone who joined the Jaegers so he can protect the people joined with Tatsumi to bring down the emperor who in truth is just an innocent, ignorant child himself. The end result however, is Tatsumi sacrificing himself in order to bring it down. Once again, this series claims a life, and this time you really didn’t see it coming cause someone who has been the MP of the series this whole time while the real one was kinda off to the side, Akame. Esdeath was there to see Tatsumi’s body in Akame’s hands. How will the General and Akame respond to this tragedy? What will Wave and Run do now that they had to team up with the Night Raid members to save innocent lives due to the Minister’s actions? Next week, is gonna be even darker I think.

Director Togane and Sakuya about to kill the doctor from the previous show in Psycho Pass Episode 9

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 9

Kamui is doing what he’s been doing the last few weeks every episode and that’s taking things up a notch. As Tsunemori closes in, Sakuya who now has control of Inspector Shimotsuki makes moves to use Tsunemori’s grandmother to slow her down. That’s dat BS right there. Meanwhile, Kamui held an event that seemed like a nice gathering of select individuals he’s helped but he quickly reveals it is no such thing. The people invited were those who took advantage of Kamui and his “color clearing” technique to become the deviants they always wanted to be without Sibyl knowing a thing. This of course, didn’t set well with Kamui who’s not trying to create a chaotic society just a peaceful one without Sibyl. A society that akin to the world we live now where people are judged by their actions, not by something they might do but haven’t done at all. At least, that’s how I’m seeing it here. As such, he sent them to hell or as close as he could get with the help of his friend, Koichi. It was pretty brutal to say the least. Once, Tsunemori arrived on the scene she was greeted with what Koichi called a trump card, the severed ear of her grandmother! A heinous act that Kamui was against but Koichi felt necessary. Now Kamui is making what seems to be his final move and you can bet it’s gonna be pretty big. I can’t wait for next week’s show!

Anime Mentions

Shigatsu wa Kimi No Uso Episode 9

Well, I was excited about this week’s episode and in grand fashion I got exactly what I expected. Kousei, started out ok but then all his horrible memories came rushing back to him and the performance is going downhill fast. I am indeed disappointed but I guess they’re just dragging things out as anime tend to do. Can Kousei pull himself out of this rut and face the demon his mother created?

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 389

This week is all about Hinata as this series is just dragging things out as usual. Hinata has a younger sister Hanabi who isn’t so much stronger than her as she is less kind in a fight. Hinata is unwilling to take advantage of openings and take the final shot. Due to this when Hinabi got strong enough the two were pitted against each other for the right to protect Hyuga clan and be its leader. When Hinabi won due to Hinata’s hesitation, her father cast her out and focused on Hinabi instead. That’s pretty much the show in nutshell. Moving on.

Log Horizon Season 2 Episode 10

Real quick all this was about William giving his guild a pep talk to pull them out of their depressing state after the amazing defeat after 3 guild bosses ganged up on them at once which for the record is BS. This was a long speech and was utterly boring. You couldn’t pay me to watch that again. Jeez.

Update 12/10/14: Updated Trinity Seven overview with actual overview instead one from last week’s Terra Formars. Sorry! 😳

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