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Screenshot of Tanya flying at you with a crazed look as she's about to decapitate her enemy in the anime Youjo Senki

Youjo Senki is a new military anime of bloody war and magic with a devilish child as it’s main character, Second Lieutenant Tanya Degurechaff. In the first minute we’re giving a scene of the harsh reality of war with guns, artillery, and tanks then all of a sudden a soldier drops out of the sky casting spells to save her comrade’s life. In this world, the armies are fighting for land and power but they’re not just using traditional military weapons. They also have squads of mages equipped with powerful magic and flight gear. However, Tanya seems to be a few levels above the pack. She has a large amount of magic power to use even at her young age and she’s incredibly skilled at destroying the enemy. If she can’t use magic to kill you, she’ll get rid of you another way as she proved by politely sending 2 defiant soldiers to their doom.

I just finished doing a review of an anime that also mixed magic with a dreadful world, Zetsuen No Tempest. However, that kinda seems childlike compared to this. By the end of this first episode, I was fully convinced that this story is more serious and interesting than Zetsuen No Tempest. I would seriously recommend keeping it on your radar this season.

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