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Cover art for Zetsuen No Tempest showing the four main characters of the anime Mahiro, Yashiro, Aika, and Hazake looking up at you

Zetsuen No Tempest video review is at the bottom of the page! Check it out. Now as for the things I didn’t say in the video…

In Zetsuen No Tempest our 2 main protagonist Yashiro and Mahiro have both lost someone precious to them, Fuwa Aika. To Mahiro she was his dear sister and to Yashiro, she was his girlfriend whom he adored very much. She was mysteriously murdered and the killer left no trace. However, that’s where the straight line ends for this anime and all the twists begin. Mahiro didn’t know that Aika had a boyfriend and much less that it was his best friend, Yashiro. Yashiro didn’t know that Mahiro made a deal with the princess of the Kusaribe clan, Kusaribe Hazake, in order to find Aika’s killer.  This deal also means he is now taking up her fight against her brother and the Tree of Exodus.

The problem with that is the clan’s princess is currently stranded on an island cause of a disagreement with her brother, Samon about the Tree of Genesis which the clan is sworn to protect. Samon believes the Tree of Genesis is actually evil and it’s the tree of Exodus that will save the world. In short, its because of him that the tree of Exodus is currently being awakened ahead of time to destroy the tree of Genesis before it awakens. Due to the awakening of the Tree of Exodus thousands of people are being turned to metal due to “black iron syndrome” which with Mahiro’s help the princess is trying to stop even though she’s stuck on an island with no way off.

So now we have a few questions that need to be answered. Who is Fuwa Aika’s killer and which tree is actually meant to destroy the world? Is Samon right or is Princess Hazake? Zetsuen No Tempest, The Civilization Blaster reveals the answers to us through a series of plot twist, tons of “logical” talk, and lots of Shakespeare references.  

I said in the video below that I don’t like all the talking about how people should be. What I mean by that is don’t push people to anger and sadness cause you believe that’s the way they should handle their problems. Them handling the negative things in their life by holding it in and pushing forward is not terrible. That’s just the way they feel they need to be right now till they get through their situation. If you’re going to push them to tears and to let out all their emotions, do so cause you have a sure fire way of ridding them of their problems so they can move on with their life. Not just because you think they’ll feel better afterwards even though their problem still exist. What kind of crap? Hazake literally pushed Yashiro to tears and great sadness because she believed “that’s how humans should be”. Allow me to rephrase that as “because I think this is how you should react to this current situation”. It’s selfish and terrible to push your beliefs on others cause you think your way of life is better. I’m sure the creators of the anime intended for this message to be positive but I simply don’t see it that way at all.


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Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 5, 2012 to Mar 29, 2013
Genres: Action, Mystery, Psychological, Drama, Magic, Fantasy, Shounen


Zetsuen No Tempest Review

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