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As you guys don’t know, I’m currently looking for a new job in Web Development seeing as I just got my degree for it this month, so I cleaned up the old account and I got some call backs. Things are looking fine. Now it’s been about 2 was since I logged into it on the PC (I use the mobile app mostly),  so I decided to jump on there to see if there’s any new jobs to apply for and lo and behold my account was deleted. All I got was a big button that allowed me to reactivate. It didn’t dawn on me to check my account when my mobile app stopped syncing properly. I just thought it was a glitch and worked around it. This truly pissed me off cause I don’t know how long this was happening and even worse how many potential jobs it cost me. 🙁 I’ll have to keep a closer eye things from now and on. needs to get it together!

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