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Esh has had a love for tech and anime since childhood when the only tech was the school library computer and the only anime he knew was Ronin Warriors. In the 90s he learned HTML on the Sega Dreamcast and built his 1st website Volcanic Dragon but now he run’s!

As you guys don’t know, I’m currently looking for a new job in Web Development seeing as I just got my degree for it this month, so I cleaned up the old account and I got some call backs. Things are looking fine. Now it’s been about 2 was since I logged into it on the PC (I use the mobile app mostly),  so I decided to jump on there to see if there’s any new jobs to apply for and lo and behold my account was deleted. All I got was a big button that allowed me to reactivate. It didn’t dawn on me to check my account when my mobile app stopped syncing properly. I just thought it was a glitch and worked around it. This truly pissed me off cause I don’t know how long this was happening and even worse how many potential jobs it cost me. 🙁 I’ll have to keep a closer eye things from now and on. needs to get it together!

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