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After waiting so long for Kit Kat for my Blu Life One X, I finally broke down and accepted that it simply wouldn’t happen anytime soon and started looking elsewhere. I scoured the web for a deal since I certainly couldn’t afford the high-end phones currently out even though I would love to have some in review *cough*sponsors send me stuff please*cough* and I came across the cheap LG Optimus L90 along with the Samsung Galaxy Avant on the T-Mobile site which was a little more expensive but not by much. However, after looking over the specs for LG Optimus L90 I started becoming more and more curious of how good an experience I could get out of a phone this cheap with this many features and a pretty up-to-date OS. After more deliberating, I finally couldn’t take it anymore and had to get the L90.

To my surprise, when I rushed down to my local T-Mobile store on Beechnut here in H-Town, he said I was eligible for a special summer deal by T-Mobile for select customers and I could actually get the L90 for $48 straight out! No financing, no down payments, just $48 and done which is crazy considering my horrible credit. He also informed me that I could get even better phones for much lower prices as well if I use the offer for them of course (salesmen gotta try and make a better sale after all) but the thought of getting the LG L90, a Kit Kat running, Qualcomm Quad-Core powered, 4.7 display having phone for a mere $48 was too good to pass up. I said “No thanks!” to all his other offers and stuck to my original decision to grab the LG Optimus L90.

Another thing, I want to do with the L90 is found out how much better or worse is it then the JellyBean running, Blu Life One X. I can’t shake the feeling that the experience on the One X would be worlds better with a better optimized OS on it due to the decent hardware its packing. Even though the Mediatek processor is frowned upon by many in the android community, it can’t be denied that it gets the job done. I’m also certain that the L90 can provide a better experience even with less memory (1GB) and lower clocked cpu (1.2Ghz) simply due to better optimization.

Please check out my unboxing of the LG Optimus L90 below!

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