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Alright, I’ve ran into a problem with my PC being little too loud to create videos without my fans and pump creating noise in the background. Thankfully, I’ve found a solution.

I didn’t want to swap out the fans on my PC for more silent ones nor can I afford to swap out my pump for a more expensive, quieter solution. These facts only leave me with one affordable (thankfully) option and that’s a fan controller. A fan controller for your pump? WTF? Yes, I know. Many people still think that fan controllers are just for fans but let’s look beyond the fancy title and you’ll find that a fan controller is just nice looking voltage regulator. The fan controller controls the fans by giving you the ability to lower or raise the voltage to your fans. If the component is powered by the same 3-pin connector as PC fans are than you can control the voltage to them the same way.

With all that being said, I came across this controller in my local Fry’s down here in Houston for about $30 last week and a light bulb went off. 🙂 The result is the video done today. Please enjoy my unboxing and review of the NZXT Sentry Mix 2.

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