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Alright, I just finished watching the last episode of Seisen Cerberus and that marks the last finale of all the anime I watched this past Spring 2016. I feel it’s time I gave you a break down of my thoughts on these shows. I’ll do so in separate reviews of each show I watched.

Just to make sure it’s obvious, I didn’t watch every new anime that was shown this season so if there was one you thought was awesome that I didn’t see, please drop a comment below!

Info sourced from MyAnimeList

Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 5, 2016 to Jun 28, 2016
Premiered: Spring 2016
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy

Seisen Cerberus: Ryuukoku no Fatalités


Since Seisen Cerberus was the anime I just recently watched, I’ll talk about it first.  The story of this anime is about our main character Hiiro who seeks revenge against the evil Dragon Daganzord (some say Dagan Zot) which killed his parents 10yrs ago when they tried to seal him away. He travels with his 2 friends/protectors Giruu and Parupa. Giruu has been trying with little success to teach Hiiro the way of the sword. Parupa is more of the accountant that keeps track of their traveling funds and his kind of a comic relief as well.

Along the way Hiiro ventures into a town and meets a few people who end up following him for different reasons. Erin is an informant and decides to tag a long with the crew as their navigator. Tomitte seeks the Grand Trowa in order to help his family of outcast. Saarato is our second main character who literally popped out the ground. She liked Hiiro from the moment she saw him and his heartbeat. Why his heart beat? Right before Danganzord killed his parents, his father used the last of power to switch Hiiro’s heart with the dragon. This gave Hiiro a strange ability to transform into a half dragon of sorts but he can’t control it.

Conveniently, our villains are also seen in this same town which is Nanbuuko and his personal wizard, Sharisharuu. Nanbuuko is an arms dealer with an obsession for fear, violence, and of course the biggest source of those things, war. He’s also in possession of a powerful artifact that once belonged to Hiiro’s father, the Grand Trowa.  Sharisharuu is a dark wizard who desires whatever will make her master happy so she can stay by his side. The journey starts when Hiiro decides to pursue Nanbuuko and take back the Grand Trowa in order to defeat Daganzord.

My Thoughts:

Now I will say right off the back that Seisen Cerberus was not the best experience for me. For an anime about magic and dragons, Seisen Cerberus really didn’t have much of either. I think I saw three real dragons (there were some small ones here and there) in the whole anime and that was only when Saraato called them or when Danganzord made an appearance. The magic was a let down as well. You saw it when Hiiro got upset and transformed or in Nanbuuko’s lair where he was cooking up all kinds of crazy. Most of the action was good old swords and considering Hiiro was terrible at that, it wasn’t all that entertaining cause he screwed up all the time.

The next problem I had was with the main protagonist, Hiiro. I found this character overly cliche and just annoying. To the point, where I almost stopped watching all together. I get that he’s supposed be young, energetic, and egotistical but he was just too much for me. His constant repetitive outburst of how he’s a great swordsman and he’s going to defeat the Danganzord got old really fast.

Well, what about the rest? The continent of Kunaan was nicely done with some great landscape artwork in an episode or two. Most notably, when they visited Master Theo in episode 10.  Beyond this, the overall artwork is decent.


Hiiro with his sword raised and his friends standing behind him in the end of final episode

In conclusion, Hiiro combined with the very predictable and weak story line made Seisen Cerberus yet another poor anime made anime made after a video game. It’s a filler anime for me at best. Something I watched when all the anime I actually like didn’t have any new shows out.

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