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First and foremost, this is in no particular order. With that said, let’s go over the top budget tech items that I’ve actually reviewed this past year and some that I reviewed a little more than a year ago cause I still don’t get enough tech to make enough tech videos to really make videos like this with just one year of content. Nonetheless, I will try.


Picture of the LG V10 phone in my hand

LG V10 – This is still my current phone and as some of you know, is currently my primary camera for YouTube. To the guy who commented on my V10 marshmallow update video about bluetooth problems, at the time my V10 did not have that issue but now the replacement does indeed have poor bluetooth connection that cuts out for second often as I’m playing music. Incredibly annoying! When the V10 first came out it was budget tech only in comparison to the other top phones seeing as it was still about $600 but now that the V20 is out, the prices have tumbled for the V10 all the way down to around $300. Perfect!



Picture of the RedAnt G2 earbuds hanging over it's product box that has a cartoonish picture of a red ant on it as the company branding

Starting off the headphones I just recently reviewed is the Red Ant G2s which are great for everyone except for heavy bass lovers. If you like a little bass that’s not overpowering or punchy, you got a set of earbuds that will give you that kind of bass no problem. If you like a more flat or neutral sound, they give you a pair earbuds that will give you that as well all in the same box. Just disconnect one pair and attach the other, you’re good to go. As I said in my review of this I’m definitely more a fan of the flat earbuds than the bass.


Picture of the ActionPie V1s earbuds layed out on top of it white product box

The ActionPie VJJS-V1S bassy earbuds. These earbuds look great, are built great, and sound great if you love bass. The main value to me is the nice assortment of ear tips to suit a wide range of ears. It’s highly unlikely you can find a pair of ear tips right out the box that are comfortable for you. Not to mention the foam tips which are not as comfortable for long periods of listening but provide a great seal in your ear for the most bass.


1 headphone I didn’t really review this year but I showed in my Wish app review was the LG HBS 900s or LG Tone Infinims whatever you wanna call it. Mines unfortunately have a short somewhere in the cable which happened a little after I filmed that video, so I don’t use them but when they were working with no issues, they were my go to headphones everyday for the great wireless sound. I can definitely recommend them but I don’t see them on Wish anymore at least before filming this video so I put an amazon link down below. This is exactly what I meant in my Wish review video about premium or name brand items not hanging around for long.


.IBESTWIN LG V10 batteries both the 6000 and 3000mah. These extra batteries have saved me on many days and continue to do so. I don’t use the 6000mAh battery often cause I’m not a fan of the bulk but I’ve had no problems with either of these batteries with my V10. They do sell batteries for other phones despite the removeable battery quickly dying off slowly so check them out.


Portable batteries

The kmashi mp836 battery in my hands

An old one that I got last year, the Kmashi K-MP836 15,000mAh battery still works and is going strong. I don’t use my portable batteries as much now cause of the extra batteries I have for my V10 like the IBESTWIN. None the less, I’m gonna be looking at more portable batteries in the new year and I would like for all of them to have quick charge technology if possible but the ones people wanna send me for review usually don’t have that so we’ll see.


The EPB 8000mAh battery would finish off this list. This is my girls fav simply cause of the look and it charges her iPhone 6S Plus at a decent speed. This battery takes a little longer to charge than I would like for it’s size (i feel my kmashi charges faster somewhow) but it’s still a great pick for an affordable power bank that can charge a wide range of your tech at a decent speed.



This is something I thought I would never have on this channel this year but I had not one but 2 budget laptops and I can’t recommend both unfortunately. Let’s deal with the elephant in the room. I did a quick overview of the HP Flyer Red I picked up in a pinch from Walmart. This laptop was initially slow and I made some recommendations for more memory and a faster hard drive. No problem except there were a couple problems.

I was unaware that any laptops were on the shelf in 2016 with only one DIMM slot like the HP laptop. Like even the low price doesn’t justify having only one dimm slot IMO.
The hard drive upgrade is real pain the ass (you have to remove the keyboard and a ton of screws) but at this price I can forgive it, if it didn’t turn out that the model I got had SATA1 technology so the SATA 3 SSD I put in was a complete waste of time. Absolutely HELL NO!
There’s no bluetooth on this laptop as stated in the video and someone didn’t believe me for whatever reason. smh The thing is I don’t mind having no bluetooth if it were not for the 1st 2 major problems I previously stated.

With that being said, I can’t recommend the HP Flyer Red.

Picture of the Dell Latitude E6230 standing closed straight up so the dell logo on the hood is facing you

I can indeed recommend the Dell E6230 I use for work everyday. I’m still just as in love with ugly laptop as I was when I got. Refurbished and all, this laptop is work horse that fulfill almost any coder, number cruncher, and then some. Thanks Dell allowing a very easy way to upgrade the hard drive and memory, this laptop can go from slow to fast with a couple component upgrades. It’s definitely proof that a used or refurbished premium product can indeed be way more useful than a cheap brand new one.



Last up in list of top budget tech is my keyboard, the tried and true Dell KB212-B. It’s not mechanical but I love this keyboard! Nothing more I can really say that haven’t said in the review. It can definitely be a quieter depending on your typing style but it’s a great cheap keyboard for the average PC user that doesn’t care for mechanical keys or a keyboard that lights up your whole damn room.


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