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This Desktop Charger was provided for me by Zilu and even though I appreciate Helen for providing the first free product for review on the channel & site, this doesn’t affect my thoughts on this product in anyway.


The Zilu USB Desktop Charger is looking to kill two birds with one stone by not only being a 4-Port fast charging station at home and in the office but also a neat little dock for your tablet or phone. Let me give you my thoughts on this little gadget.



Top down view of the Zilu USB Desktop Charger


Side view of the Zilu USB Desktop Charger

My phone docked in portrait orientation in the front of the Zilu USB Desktop Charger


My feelings about the looks of this charger has not changed since the unboxing. In fact, I prefer it on my desk over the Anker desktop charger I had previously and since that’s the only other desktop charger I have to compare, that name is gonna come up a couple more times in this review. The top & bottom of the charger has a matte finish and the rest of the body is glossy. Glossy plastic is not something I like to see on products but in this case it was done well. The charger has a little weight on it and a grippy pad on the bottom but in my eyes it’s not heavy enough. It’s just heavy enough to not move everytime I put my phone in the dock but when trying to plug into the ports, the device can slide all over if you don’t hold it down.



My phone and 3 portable batteries plugged into the Zilu USB Desktop Charger

This zilu charger takes 25W of power and can deliver up to 5 Amps. Each of the 4-ports are “smart” ports equipped with Zilu’s SI technology . The SI or Smart Identification technology built into the ports ensure that the charger is always charging the device as fast possible up to 2+A per port. I must say it works rather well. I had all 3 of my portable batteries plugged in (two 4000+mAh empty and one 15,000mAh at less than half power) and it charged them like a beast. It got pretty toasty but it didn’t fail at all. It works flawlessly for the week plus it’s been sitting on my desk as my primary charging station and dock.



The zilu desktop charger looks great and works great. I like it to the point that it’s found a permanent home on my desk for the time being. The 1 year warranty is a pretty nice to have as well.


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