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Before we get started this product was provided for free for review by Zilu. This does not affect my thoughts on this product in anyway and my review is completely unbiased.



The specs for the Zilu Smart Power Basic Portable Battery are as follows:


  • Capacity: 4400mAh
  • 1x USB 5V/2A output
  • 5V/2A micro USB charging port
  • LED Flashlight
  • 3.75in/95.2mm(L)x1.75in/44mm(W)x0.75in/19mm(T)
  • Two Year Warranty




Picture of the Zilu Smart Power Basic laying flat on the table so you can see the bottom

Picture of the Zilu Smart Power Basic laying flat on the table so you can see the top of it with 1 USB port and an LED flashlight

Picture of the Zilu Smart Power Basic standing up from the back so you can see the mfg writing and the power level 4400mAh writting in big bold while letters

This Zilu Smart Battery is lightweight with curved edges and rounded corners but a flat body overall which really makes it easy to hold both with a phone and without unlike my little Kmashi. It is still quite thick considering it’s only 4400mAh.



Picture of the Zilu Smart Power Basic charging my Alcatel Idol 3 with a power gauge inline to measure voltage and current from the portable power bank

The Smart Battery has a max input and output of 5V/2A and I was quite surprised that it kept up with me when I’m really taxing my phone. I was texting,  watching YouTube, gaming, and it was still delivering a charge faster than I could drain the phone. Those Samsung batteries inside are pretty nice.


Zilu’s Smart technology that’s built into this battery has several safety features that keep it from damaging your phone. This charger is really all I needed for my Alcatel Idol 3 since I charge my phone everyday before I leave out to work and halfway through I use the Zilu Smart battery to charge it up while I’m still using it.  Zilu states in their manual that the Smart Battery charges up in about 3hrs from empty and that’s pretty much spot on. You can also charge this battery while charging your phone as long as the battery is not near empty.


Zilu has a couple neat features that  really make using this battery a great experience. There’s a built-in flashlight, if you need and you can turn it in on by simply pushing and holding the PWR button. That power button gives you extra control over your battery allowing your to turn it in on or off while your device is plugged in should you wish to do that. It even works while the battery itself is charging.




Zilu makes it clear that they want you to feel confident leaving your charger at home and just carrying one of their Smart Power portable batteries. These power banks work great, come in various sizes and have a TWO year warranty which I find amazing. For my Alcatel Idol 3, this one is a perfect size to make sure I get through the day while still being able to use my phone in hand. Of course, my philosophy is to always get a battery that is more than double what your device’s battery is. Not only do I recommend the Zilu 4400mAh Smart Power Basic portable battery but I would also grab the 13,000mAh version as well so you truly can leave your charger at home.




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